Mileena, Rain & Rambo Intro Dialogue
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Mileena, Rain & Rambo Intro Dialogue
11/17/2020 10:42 AM EST

I just watched the intro dialogue for the 3 new DLC. Here are my thoughts, what did you think of them??

MILEENA: Mileena has never looked or sounded better and has never come across as more menacing. Angry, entitled, insecure but can be taken as a serious threat(which can't be said for the other Edenian DLC character). There isn't much more to add other than NRS captured the character well and hit a home run with her on this game so far.

RAIN: Always one of the lamest characters in previous MK rosters but NRS did a really good job capturing how pathetic and insecure Rain really is. No one takes him serious except himself and I love that, cause there's nothing menacing or threatening about him. His character design is really fleshed out in this game and I love that they don't try to make him a serious character. In the 90's we always looked at Rain as the "Well, they already have a yellow, blue, green and red ninja and they're out of ideas so here's a comical purple one!" He always came across as a literal joke addition to the franchise, and now they've made him into a really cool image of an insecure, unworthy, un-intimidating, false bravado, Napoleon Complex asshole. He is officially the biggest insufferable douche on the MK11 roster(he even surpassed Frost and Geras!) and I can't wait to beat his ass with just about anyone and everyone on the roster!

RAMBO: I don't like guest characters at all but none the less they did a nice job with the appearance of Rambo. Stallone's lines are very emotionless and lacking talent, just like his acting so it works for Rambo, but I had a hard time sitting through his intros and didn't really enjoy the process of viewing them like I did Mileena and Rain.

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