MK 11 Essential Upgrades That Must Be In. (Updated Regularly)
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MK 11 Essential Upgrades That Must Be In. (Updated Regularly)
12/31/2015 10:04 AM EST
You can add some more that I didn't . I'll update them in the list.

1. NETCODE, if you can't make it buy some, I don't know. Just make battle net, but MK version!

2. HAIR. It sux every game. Hire separate studio that is good for doing hair if you must.

3. KONQUEST MODE. Bring it back and upgrade it. Forget the dumb story mode.

4. PIT FATALITY. Bring that back asap. You took it off like you did with the uppercuts in MKV and it sucked!

5. ICONIC CHARACTERS. Don't ever vanquish again Noob, Smoke, Kabal, Cyrax, Sektor, Shao and Shang. They must be along side with Goro, Rayden, Kano, Sorpion and Sub.

6. LEVEL TRANSITIONS. This is trademark of MK not Injustice. Bring them back and throw the stupid level interaction in Injustice. Unless the interaction's are like Acid Shower from MKV. Also use ideas for level transitions from MKvDC and Injustice.

7. SECRET FIGHTS. Bring back old school secrets and question mark secret fights, give clues to how to find a secret like secret character popping on screen. If you have to don't include them on disc, make them available only online at specific time and requirements met.

8. RETURN TO DIGITIZED GRAPHICS, I think they are evolved tremendously.


10. RETURN OF THE KAF. But instead make it mixed with the variations. So you get to choose from all preset moves and special moves that are exclusively for you character. So insted of 3 variations you create one with moves you like and can tweak and edit as many times and as many combinations as you want.

11. BOSS FIGHTS. Make them scary and hard like they were back in MK1 and MK2.

12. X-RAY. They must look at least as good as in the MKX reveal trailer!

13. AIR KOMBAT. Not the one in MK:Armageddon, an updated one with unique moves and more realistic. Less moves and less time spent in the air. You know ? UPDATED and in kooler way. There should be ENHANCED air kombat if you use meter and maybe go higher in the sky for some epic battles like where Rayden takes you above the clouds to do his x-ray, but you'll stay there for few seconds and also air kombat xray should be available.

14. FREE FALL KOMBAT. From the MKvDC, but again updated and remastered to be something 10 time kooler. Maybe mixed with the air kombat ?

15. THE KRYPT. I Iike how they went with it in MKX, they should upgrade it.

16. UNLOCKABLES. Lock most of the roster from the start and make us unlock fighters and levels via HARD tasks, not LAME and easy. Make us think what to do. Make us practice a lot to beat impossible endurance modes and bosses, search in Konquest mode to unlock them.

17. NEW ONLINE MODE. Where you go throughout vast spaces (realms) and earn koins and unlock stuff. Join clans and fight them. Learn details for the story, do side quests and whatnot. Blend it with the faction wars. Something like Konquest mode, but now online and MMO. Learn how to make combos and whatever you can imagine.

18. ARENAS. Don't ever make the mistake of excluding people's favorite arenas. The Pit 2 (with original pit), The Portal, Soul Chamber, Courtyard...



21. VARIATION/SYLE SWITCH. Sitch throughout 2 variations while fighting like in MKV.



24. ARCADE MODE. CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY - Several towers and one with all the fighters from the entire roster including secret fights. This mode will be only available on impossible mode.

25. NON FATALITY OUTRO FOR EVERYONE. Like Predator's spinerip.

26. More Dialogue between character before during and after the matches. Also more animations (Intros, Outros & in between matches)

27. FACTIONS - add more factions like - Chaosrealm, Dreamleam Orderrealm etc.. All of them :D

28. Customizable Costumes

29. Challenge Tower
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