MK 11 Roster
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MK 11 Roster
03/08/2019 05:07 AM EST

So even though they haven’t completely revealed the final roster number I have been seeing a lot to suggest it’s going to be 25 so to recap we have:

100% Confirmed/Revealed:

Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, Sonya, Johnny, Cassie, Jacquie, Baraka, Jade, Skarlet, D’Vorah, Kabal, Kano, Geras and Shao Kahn.

Not yet revealed but seen in Story etc:

Kotal, Erron Black, Liu Kang, Kitana, Kung Lao, Frost, Kollector (possible name), Cetrion (possibly elder god talking to raiden)

Not yet seen but heavily rumoured/leaked:

Noob, Jax, Shang Tsung, Shinnok and Mileena.

Either the roster is going to be bigger than 25 or some of the last names are going to miss out, after seeing some of the interviews lately it really looks like the roster is 25 now depending on whether that includes Shao Kahn or not that means 2-3 of the last ones won’t be in my money is on Shinnok and Mileena missing out, I haven’t seen anything concrete for those two and I really don’t think Shinnok will get another chance. What’s everyone else’s thoughts on it?

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RE: MK 11 Roster
03/08/2019 08:01 AM EST

Erron Black was seen doing his fatal blow on Sub-Zero and Liu Kang was seen fighting Raiden so both of them are playable.

As for Shinnok, Mileena and Shang Tsung I do not think they are playable. What I think with them was the QA analyst passed the roster to someone and it passed along until it reached the person who leaked it and just added them based on the character select screen. I think they were added along the way but the original did not contain them at all which is why they are not mentioned on the characters select screen with the others.

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RE: MK 11 Roster
03/08/2019 08:05 AM EST

Mileena, Shang Tsung and Shinnok are rumored to be unlockables, so it might be 25 + them


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RE: MK 11 Roster
03/09/2019 02:51 AM EST

Smoke was a cyborg in the old timeline, so he has to appear in my opinion

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