MK lost its magic
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MK lost its magic
04/24/2020 03:49 PM EDT

MK11 is trying really hard to mimic the asian architecture and the magic it used to have but I aint feeling it. Anyone else on the same boat? I always see myself go back to MK2

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RE: MK lost its magic
04/25/2020 06:46 PM EDT

What magic are you referring to, exactly? I’m enjoying this MK the most since MKDA or maybe even MK2.

My only issue is how much MK trades in nostalgia, but I know at least some of that is kinda forced on them by fans wanting every old outfit and plot line retold or told similarly, but better.

Still NRS would be better off treading some new ground in MK12. Find some sort of way to balance the series best influences with some new ideas and concepts, a roster that’s more balanced between trilogy, 3D era, new era and whatever new ideas MK12 can give us from a design perspective.

I think NRS is at their best when creating magic; new magic, mixed well between what we love, what we didn’t love originally but still might, and new stuff we haven’t seen before, rather than repackaging a lot of stuff we’ve had several times before and calling back to it again to make older fans feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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