MK11 at Toryuken - My last tournament.
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MK11 at Toryuken - My last tournament.
07/10/2019 05:22 PM EST
07/10/2019 05:23 PM EST

Hey all!

Life is some crazy thing. My competitive gameplay and tournament attendance has dropped a lot since about 2013 but I have kept up to a degree. After majors in Toronto and even MLG, I took a big step back.

Until this weekend.

This will be my first and my last MK11 Tournament at Toryuken8 in Toronto this weekend. Being run by TorontoTopTiers and NeoRussel, I'm sure it will be a good one!

With two children, a family, life going full-blast and my twenties freshly behind me, it's time to call it quits. I'm looking forward to a weekend with some handshakes and hopefully some faces I recognize as I say goodbye to competition.

I just felt like making a post here in the community I was always most active in. Keep an eye out for "Washed Up Casselman" if you are tuning in this weekend! Whether I go 0-2 or win it all, it has been an amazing number of years attending tournaments and meeting all the great people. Happy to go out with MK11 where the public seems to be gravitating so much competitively!


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RE: MK11 at Toryuken - My last tournament.
07/10/2019 07:30 PM EST

Aww sad to hear life has gotten so busy ! Hoping to be there this year myself! Good Luck !

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