MKX1 story idea
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MKX1 story idea
07/14/2015 12:25 AM EST
Loose story would be Noob, Havik and Shang Tsung working together to bring war to earthrealm, outworld and netherrealm to create chaos, to make Noob ruler of the nether realm and to make Shang Tsung ruler of outworld and earth realm. Also to rid themselves of raiden and Liu Kang once and for all. Would start with noob assainating cage and making it look like an outworlder did it this would cause raiden to go mad and attack outworld for vengenacne the war would split earthrealm warriors down the middle with some on his side and some against him. Shang would deceive raiden into believing that netherrealm are aiding Kotal and outworld thus angering him further and plunging all three realms into war. \
Kung Jin\
Kotal Kahn\
Erron Black\
Liu Kang\
Kung Lao\
Smoke\ Sindel
Noob Saibot\
Shang Tsung\
Dark Raiden (boss)\
New characters x 6 (mix of earthrealm and outworld)\
Story Mode NPCs\
Sonya (killed by Kano whilst escaping SF custody with D'Vorah)\
Cage (killed by Noob at start to set up war between earthrealm and outworld)\
Jax (killed by Erron black as per MKX ending)\
Ermac (ending becomes canon and turns into Shang)\
Hotaru (watches events and is set up at the end as being a future threat)\
Kano (escapes SF custody kills Sonya and is killed by Cassie)\
D'Vorah (escapes SF custody and is not seen again)
\cell \lastrow\row}
I can't really think of many more plot details As I am not that creative but what does everyone think about this idea? Either way it goes I think something like this will happen where raiden will be tipped into madness and become the next boss or sub boss with a puppet master or agitator pulling strings behind the scenes for their own agenda. Perhaps having raiden as a villain may open a spot for fujin to make an appearance and possibly even replace the thunder God for future games like he was meant to years ago
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