My ideas for new/guest kharacters/kombatants
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My ideas for new/guest kharacters/kombatants
09/25/2015 04:05 PM EST
Name: Armarod
Alignment: Evil (1st timeline) Neutral (2nd timeline)
Place of Origin: Outworld
Species: Fusion of Weapons
Allies: Adam Legend, Sauria, Taven, Kitana, Jade, Raiden, Cyrax, Sektor, Tanya, (Ermac, Mileena, and Skarlet in his ending)
Enemies: Ermac, Mileena, Skarlet, Daegon, Rain, Shang Tsung, Goro, Kintaro, Sheeva, Baraka, Kano, Reptile, Motaro, Quan Chi, Shao Kahn


Born in the regions of Outworld, this fighter was created by fusing the weapons of Shao Kahn's fallen warriors. Armarod has the power to alter parts of his body into the various weapons that make up his anatomy. He is also able to absorb other weapons into his body to become a part of him and increase his power slightly. Because of this, many warriors refused to fight Armarod using their weapons as he would simply absorb them. However, despite this ability he is among the lowest ranking warriors of Shao Kahn's forces, often cast aside in favor of his more elite creations Ermac, Mileena, and Skarlet. Armarod has spent his entire life looked down upon by Shao Kahn's warriors, being ridiculed and referred to as a measly "pocket knife". Because of this emotional pain, he desires to prove himself worthy and will take it upon himself to eliminate all of Shao Kahn's artificial warriors and Shao Kahn himself while also claiming his hammer.

1st Timeline: Ermac, Mileena, and Skarlet were favored among all of Shao Kahn's artificial fighers while Armarod would usually remain chained in the dungeons. Knowing that Shao Kahn would not regret Armarod's death, Motaro takes it upon himself to kill Armarod during the events of MK3. Armarod dies by Motaro's hands after Motaro returns from the invasion of Earthrealm. Because of his death, he's never present in the upcoming events of the original timeline up to Armageddon.

2nd Timeline: The same events up to the invasion of Earthrealm follow however since Raiden had killed Motaro in the alternate timeline, Armarod never dies at his hands and therefore lives on. He breaks free from the dungeons and decides to eliminate his artificial bretheren in order to prove to them all that he's the superior being. This includes Ermac, Mileena, and Skarlet. He also plans on destroying Shao Kahn in order to free himself from his will while also claiming his hammer for himself.

Battle Cry

Armarod drops down into the battle field using his Teleport Drop and with a blade for a hand. He turns his hand back to normal and makes a fist with it exclaiming "I'll show you what I'm really made of."

Winning Pose

Armarod crosses his arms, chuckles, then holds out a black rose which he tosses to the viewer/player.

Special Moves

Jigsaw: Armarod extends the saw teeth along his back, curls into a ball, and spins at his foe rapidly along the floor like a saw.

Consume: Armarod glows red and absorbs any incoming projectiles into his body without taking any damage. Can not be used to absorb Shao Kahn's Hammer Toss.

Teleport Drop: Armarod teleports to the other side of screen and drops down on his opponent with spikes on the bottom of his feet.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Armarod turns his arms into a pair of seperate scissor blades, slices the opponent across the waste, then slams them overhead.

Smashy-Smashy: Armarod turns his fist into a large mace and slams it on the floor causing a tremor which knocks his opponent into the air for a juggle.

Bite the Bullet: Armarod throws a chomping bear trap on a chain at his opponent which latches onto them.

X-Ray Move

Buzz Kill: Armarod charges at the opponent with his bladed hair, impales them in the stomach, then proceeds to tear at their insides grinding his hair like a buzz saw. He then turns his hand into a mace and punches the opponent's face, dislocating the jaw.


You Are What You Eat: Armarod punches into the opponent's stomach and turns his fist into several giant spikes which pierces the opponent from the inside. The opponent's limbs and body parts remain impaled on the spikes as Armarod raises them above his head in victory.

Pizza Cutter: Armarod turns his hair into a giant knife blade then slices the opponent in half vertically.


The Great Armetto: Armarod whittles a wooden puppet of himself from wood using his own hands to carve it then puts on a little show for his opponent.


Eagle: Armarod transforms into an eagle and shoots razor sharp feathers at his foe.


Armarod tries to perform his Jigsaw special move but gets his hair blades stuck in the floor leaving him upside down. He cries and throws a tantrum as he tries to get free.


Close Shave: Armarod releases the bear trap on his mask to snap his own head off, killing himself.


"Shao Kahn should never have underestimated Armarod. He slew the emperor and claimed his hammer just as he desired. Shao Kahn's hammer absorbed into Armarod's body and became a part of him increasing his power tenfold. He would use this newfound power to eradicate Shao Kahn's creations for good and prove that he was the more superior being. However, much to his surprise, after Shao Kahn's death the artificial beings were no longer bound to the emperor's will. Armarod took this into account and spared their lives. He offered his artificial bretheren a chance to join him realizing they no longer had to serve Shao Kahn. They agreed. With Ermac, Mileena, and Skarlet at his side, Armarod set out to claim yet another valuable weapon. The sword of a son of Argus."

Sorry I don't have any ideas for Brutalities or Variations or Enhanced Specials for him please post your own.

MK Moveset: Hessian

Name: Hessian Horseman.

Race: Human/Ghost

Resides: Sleepy Hollow.

Alignment: Evil.

Bio: An undead Hessian soldier with a love for violence and gore, he has set his sights on the outerrealm.

Costume 1: His black and grey armoured outfit and black and red cape.

Costume 2: A spiked up version of his armoured outfit.

Special moves:

*Slice and Dice: Hessian does a series of sword attacks.
*Bloodlust Combo: Hessian performs a combination of offensive strikes and roars, as blood fills the floor.
*Beserk Mode: He roars and goes into a berserker-like mode, which makes his attacks stronger - in this state he strikes the opponent numerous times in a burst of strength and aggression.
*Out of the Shadows: He slinks into the darkness and blends in with the shadows, before performing a series of stealth strike attacks.

X-Ray move: The Hessian Skull-Snapper.

Hessian pulls out his sword and uses it to slit the opponent's throat, snapping the opponent's neck and knocking their head off.

Just kidding/joking he tries to grab the foe and if he connects he draws his sword and uses it to non fatally slit their throat then he non fatally breaks/snaps his/her neck then he summons his horse which kicks them in the chest with it's hooves breaking their ribs and sending them flying.


* Fatal Kiss: Hessian leans in closer to his opponent and opens his mouth, sinking his sharp teeth into them - this is a biting kiss attack that weakens the opponent until they fall dead. He roars ferociously and drops the opponent on the ground before licking the blood off their faces.

*Hessian Berserker Finale: Hessian slashes at his opponent with his sword, each time he does - blood spurts out and the opponent loses a body part, until finally he reaches their neck and slowly slices their head off and roars as blood spurts out like a blood geyser. Once the opponent is dismembered, he roars and laps the blood up like how a vampire bat does.

Friendship finisher if they ever return:

*Horsing Around: Hessian pets Daredevil and Daredevil neighs happily, Hessian then takes his head off and uses it like a soccer ball.

Babality if they ever return:

Baby Hessian picks up a stuffed toy horse and plays with it, he then drinks from a baby bottle containing human blood.

Battle intro if they ever return:

The tree of the dead appears in the middle of the arena and the roots open up, as a series of ferocious roars are heard as a black stallion (Daredevil) gallops out from out of the tree - the Hessian roars and snarls as he swings his sword in the air. He jumps off Daredevil's back and lets out a fierce battle cry.

Winning pose:

The Hessian lets out a loud ferocious roar as he twirls his sword around, he then turns to the camera and snarls bearing his sharpened teeth at them. The opponent he defeated for that round is dragged through the tree of the dead and taken to the otherrealm where Staten awaits.


Hessian's battle stage is a graveyard with some woodlands thrown in, there is an opening where the tree of the dead appears.


His theme is the theme from the 1999 film Sleepy Hollow given a slightly heavy metal upgrade.

Voice actor:
Christopher Walken. (mainly just growls and roars)

The horseman reunited with his head and reclaimed what was his before taking down Shao Kahn and jumping back through the tree of the dead to the otherrealm to meet back up with Staten.

Sorry I don't have any ideas for Brutalities or Variations or Enhanced Specials for him please post your own.

Raptor King

Bio -

The Kaiju species were once peaceful, reptile-like herbivores, but they adapt and evolve into unstoppable carnivorous warriors after the super predators ravaged their lands. Kanosei was the strongest and feared warlord who ruled the Kaiju Empire until he was defeated by the daughter of the gods and this dishonorable act lead the downfall of his kind. Upon returning, he seek to recreate his empire and now serves as the ruler of the Indomitable Hunt. While the Kaiju Demi-God continue his ambition and lust for conquest, someone summoned Raptor King to Outworld.

Normal Costume-

Wear barbarian clothing similar to Conan the Barbarian/Grom Hellscream, but more detailed of his normal look


Forward Throw: Grabs the opponent and drives their head into the ground
Backwards Throw: Grabs the opponent by the neck, bites the opponent's head before throw behind him hard.


Dino Barbarian: Adds two-handed weapon based special moves, Chained Blade and Invigorating Roar; Has a axe in a sling on the back, chained blade in a sling on the side of his waist
Indomitable Hunt's Might: Adds Berserker Trample and The Hunt's Rage; Has warpaint on his face, chest and arms
Kaiju Soul: Adds Kaiju Legion ability to summon his warriors; Has crimson veins over his body

Universal Move -

Dino Bash: Raptor King dashes forward and slams a single fist, generating a huge smash
*Enhanced Version - Dino Pulverize: After smashing the opponent on the ground, he grab them from the ground and uppercuts them in the air.
Mountain Tremor: Raptor King slam his fist to the ground violently, creating a shockwave which knocks the opponent in the air for a free hit
*Enhanced Version - Mountain Quake: Use both fists for a larger shockwave which shaken the whole battlefield
Savagery Backbreaker: Raptor King grabs the opponent and breaks their back against his knee before throwing them away
*Enhanced Version - Savagery Piledriver: After backbreaking, he throw them in the air before leap and reaches his foes to a Piledriver

"Dino Barbarian" variation -

Juggernaut Axe: Raptor King perform a powerful strike with a huge axe
*Enhanced Version - Juggernaut Axe Cleave: Stabs the opponent with his axe, rip their flesh before slashes them upward for more damage
Chained Blade: Raptor King throws out his chain to impales the opponent chest, if it connects, drags himself towards his opponent for a free hit
*Enhanced Version - Double Chained Blade: Launches two chain at the same time, which has armored while launching, executes slightly faster and stunned more longer
Invigorating Roar - Raptor King raises both hands up, roaring in the sky, gain some health back
*Enhanced Version - Invigorating Scream: Gains three times the health back

"Indomitable Hunt's Might" variation -

Berserker Trample - Raptor King rushes forward at the opponent and hits them hard. Can be charged, has a anti-air version called Berserker Leap where he leaps up and tackling the opponent into the air, put them in juggle state
*Enhanced Version - Berserker Warpath: Can go farther and after the first hit, Raptor King grabs his opponent and drags them across the floor before throwing them, can be charged and become unblockable if full charge. The anti air enhanced version called Berserker Smash where he smashes foes with such force
The Hunt's Rage: Raptor King roars in the sky to honor the Hunt and gains a damage boost until he is hit. He glow red while this is active
*Enhanced Version - The Indomitable Hunt's Rage: Grants a larger damage boost, needs to be hit more before it leaves. He glows gold instead of red

"Kaiju Soul" variation -

Hunter Kaiju - Raptor King summons a kaiju that attack from the air with a spear
*Enhanced Version - Hunter Kaiju Impale: Stabs the opponent two times for more damage
Marauder Kaiju - Raptor King summons a kaiju that's wear helmet and armor similar to Savage Locust Marauder helmet and armor and has a battle axe, charges with a horizontal slash
*Enhanced Version - Marauder Kaiju Charge: Summons two more marauder to cleave the opponent
Risen Kaiju - Raptor King summons a undead kaiju that burst from the ground to grab the opponent, leaving them open for a while for a free hit or combo
*Enhanced Version - Risen Kaiju Maw - The opponent is stunned for a longer time.

X-Ray Move-

Fury of the Indomitable Hunt: Raptor King dashes towards the opponent with a large head tackle. After charges the opponent, he lift them up and stabs the opponent with his Juggernaut Axe, impaling and rip their ribs and organs. While he/she tried to remove the huge axe that impaled them, Raptor King delivers an powerful uppercut which shatter the opponent's skull. While in the air, Raptor King grabs his axe holding the opponent and smashes them to the ground which pulverize and breaks opponent's head, spine, heart, and ribs, causing them massive damage


Survival of the Fittest: Raptor King grabs them by the head and begins to bites through the skulls and devour their brain. He jabs and tears the top of his/her skull before he gets the entire brain, leaving an ripped spinal cord in their hollow head.

Kaiju God Curse: Raptor King summons his warriors and each one grabs one of the opponent's limbs. They start pulling their limb as he grabs their head before tearing the opponent apart by their limbs

Voice Actor-

Kevin Michael Richardson (Grom Hellscream from World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor)

Babality (If they're in the game) -

Raptor King stands and see toy blocks and toy cars around him. He roars and goes on a rampage destroying and breaking the toys to pieces before sits down.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Raptor King turns into a Triceratops, charge forward and impaled the opponent with its horns. He swings savagely and slams the opponent before turning back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game) -

Raptor King summons his warriors and they start a hunting party as they feast on food, beer and gold

Battle Intro-

If he appears first: Raptor King walks up and slam his fist down before enter his fight stance

Raptor King: I'll crush you...
Scorpion: You're no Reptile.
Raptor King: No, I'm much worse.

Raptor King: Your ice can't stop me.
Sub-Zero: An demon from the Netherrealm?
Raptor King: I came from the Indomitable Hunt.

Raptor King: Your forces can't stop me.
Cassie Cage: I seen better conquerors than you.
Raptor King: You'll regret that attitude, lady!

Raptor King: An mere insect facing a super predator.
D'Vorah: Brute strength mean nothing to strength in numbers.
Raptor King: Not in my domain.

Raptor King: You have no survival, young one.
Ferra/Torr: Torr and I are strongest together!
Raptor King: Not for long!

Raptor King: You dare defy the Hunt?!
Kotal Khan: I will carve your heart!
Raptor King: I will rip your brain!

Raptor King: The Hunt must continue!
Raiden: What made the Hunt so devoted to you?
Raptor King: The Hunt shall prevail!

Raptor King: Your clan mean nothing to me.
Kano: What will it take to join this Hunt?
Raptor King: You mortals won't understand...

Raptor King 1: What is this?!
Raptor King 2: An impostor in the Hunt!
Raptor King 1: I am the Hunt itself!

If he appears second: Raptor King fall down in the arena and knuckle his fists

Scorpion: State your business, creature.
Raptor King: I bring glory for the Hunt!
Scorpion: You're the one who is hunted!

Sub-Zero: Are you one of the Raptor race?
Raptor King: I'm the Progenitor of the Kaiju race!
Sub-Zero: Then you must fall!

Cassie Cage: Did my dad once fought an reptile before?
Raptor King: I'll smash your skull to pieces!
Cassie Cage: Don't recall with brute strength.

D'Vorah: What are you, creature?
Raptor King: I am the mighty Raptor King!
D'Vorah: Not for long!

Ferra/Torr: Dinosaur man is big as Torr!
Raptor King: You think you got what it takes?
Ferra/Torr: Torr show you who stronger!

Kotal Khan: You won't stand in my way.
Raptor King: Only one of us will conquer worlds!
Kotal Khan: Then so be it.

Raiden: Why did you come to Outworld?
Raptor King: It will fall to the Indomitable Hunt!
Raiden: Your reign is much worse than Shao Kahn!

Kano: You remind me of Goro or Kintaro.
Raptor King: My axe will cleave your brain!
Kano: Nice weapons but mine better.

Raptor King 2: Only one of us will rule the Hunt!
Raptor King 1: Enemy of the Hunt will be crushed!
Raptor King 2: There can only be one ruler!

Win pose-

Raptor King walks up to downed opponent, smashes their skull and walks away. Then cut to him sitting in his throne in the Indomitable Hunt as his warriors fight for his glory.


I have no idea please post your own.


- His second fatality reference Attila the Hun and his famous method of torture where he tears the victims apart by their limbs
- The "Dino Barbarian" variant gives Raptor King moves and combos where he uses his Juggernaut Axe along with his chained blade and a small healing ability; The "Indomitable Hunt's Might" variant is more mobility/momentum charge moves along with a damage boost ability; The "Kaiju Soul" variant gives Raptor King more zoning based.
His Victory/Win Pose is similar to Kurtis Stryker's in MK9 and The Predator's in MKX since they all involve him/them killing the foe despite not using a Fatality or Brutality/Finisher.

With Stryker blowing up his foe with a grenade and The Predator ripping out the foes spine and skull and Raptor King crushing the foes skull/head.


Give it Back: Universal: RK grabs the foe and smashes their back into his knee, them brings his arms down on their head and legs so hard they split in two. Must connect Savagery Backbreaker twice and Savagery Piledriver once, last hit must come from Savagery Back breaker.

Complete Domination: Universal: RK performs his X-ray and on the last hit, his opponent explodes. Must be below 50% health, and must hold up while performing X-ray.

Raptor Trample: Indomitable Hunt's Might: RK rushes forward and runs right through the opponent, leaving tiny bits of body left, or, for Torr and Goro, a RK shaped hole in them. Must deal 5 hits in The Hunt's Rage, and final hit must come from a Berserker Trample with the Hunt's Rage activated.

Kaiju Fury: Kaiju Soul: A Kaiju comes from the air and slices the opponent in half. Must use all forms of Kaiju Charges, enhanced as well, and the last hit must come from a Hunter Kaiju.

Invigoration Call: Dino Barbarian: RK Cries into the sky, and his opponent burns into ashes, their body flowing into his.. Must use Invigorating Scream while under 25% health, and must stay above 25% at the end of the match. The opponent must be within the last 5 marks at the end of their life bar, and you must do an Invigorating Scream.



After a group of gangs shot down her family during her university graduation ceremony and doesn't get justice from the court system, Madonna Summers vowed revenge but suddenly discovered and unlock an hidden tomb holding the mystical energies in Norway.When she gets the Empress blood, she use it to bring retribution upon her enemies. Zeita gave up killing after her revenge and seek to bring peace and protect the innocent. Before she sworn an oath to never to take a life, the Empress of Thunder has no choice to give up the heroic oath when she enters into Outworld.

Normal Costume-

More detailed version of her normal look


Forward Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Zeita grabs the opponent by the neck, while she check her fingers, she punches them with her fist engulf with lighting before she throw them away.
Backwards Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Zeita electrocute her opponent, lift and slam them behind her.


Thunder Empress: Adds increased damages to normal and special moves, adds Air Empress Strength and Air Thundering Tackle; Zeita's gets lightning emits around her.
Mystic Knowledge: Adds Thunder Surge of Tyrhor, Storm of Gaia and Fires of Hephatine; Zeita has a mystic object on her neck
The Empress' Boon: Adds Empress Blood ability and Empress Speech; Zeita's hair become white

Universal Move -

Thunderous Bolt: Zeita shoots an sphere of lighting at the opponent. She can perform the move in the air.
*Enhanced Version - Thunderous Spark: Fires a beam of lightning instead of a bolt
Empress Blast: Zeita creates a mystic thunderclap that knocks the opponent back
*Enchanced Version - Powerful Empress Blast: Does more damage and also deplete the opponent's super meter.
Empress Strength - Zeita grabs and spin the opponent, then slam them to the ground, put in juggle state
*Enchanced Version - Empress Power: After slamming the opponent, she picks him/her up and headbutts the opponent two times, slightly more damaging and has very strong armored frames.
Thundering Tackle: Zeita engulfs in energy and charges forward toward the opponent
*Enhanced Version - Thundering Charge: Has super armor and projectile resistance, increase damage and speed.

"Mystic Knowledge" variation -

Thunder Surge: Zeita raises her arm and summons a bolt of lightning to strike her foe
*Enhanced Version - Thunder Surge of Tyrhor: Allow her to summon a torrent of mystic thunder, causes her opponent to bounce and does more damage
Blizzard Storm - Zeita creates blast of mystic winds, knocking the opponent
*Enhanced Version - Gaia Hurricane: Summon a mystic icestorm which freezes the opponent, set a free hit or combo.
Fires of Ifrit: Zeita stomps on the ground, creating fires to burst from the ground
*Enhanced Version - Flames of Ifrit : Empower her flames to unleashes the raw destructive power to inflict agony on her enemies

"The Empress' Boon" variation -

Empress Blood: Zeita enters a berserker rage to increase her damage output for short while, at a cost of taking more damage
*Enhanced Version - Empress Blood and Thunder: Gain glowing tattoo marks, gives her same damage output but reduce damage taken
Empress Speech: Zeita starts to make a speech about her power and threatens her opponent. It build a small bit of her super meter and she glows yellow
*Enhanced Version - Empress' Mighty Speech: Speech is a bit longer and tell them she won't have pity nor show mercy on the opponent. Build two bit of super meter and she glows blue

X-Ray Move-

Empress of Thunder: Zeita summons an powerful lighting bolt from the sky, if it connects, she delivers a haymaker punch which dislocating and break their jaw, sending them flying. Zeita flies up and grabs them by their neck and unleashes her electricity shock, allowing you to see their skeletal structure. She then throws the opponent back to the ground as they bounce upon impact, she lands him/her with a powerful stomp with her high heels, rupture and breaking their skull.


Retribution of the Goddess: Zeita summons a mystic blade and impales the opponent through the chest. She lifts them up and channel her powers to radiates lighting on them, the electric shock disintegrate the opponent's flesh and the electric charge even causes their limbs to fall/blow off before their head explodes. Zeita swing her sword to the ground to remove the remaining bodies of the opponent at the camera, looking down at the corpse

Warrior Empress: Zeita grabs and slam her opponent to the ground. Zeita socks them in the face, then begins to brutally pummels and smashing his/her face, the opponent's face is almost disfigured. She delivers the final punch followed by a thunderstruck lighitng to obliterate the opponent's skull

Voice Actor-

Erica Mendez or Carrie Keranen (Both actor, Ryuko Matoi/Satsuki Kiryuin did the recent Kill La Kill English Dub)

Babality (If they're in the game) -

Zeita tried to summon lighting but accidentally summons flames. She cries angrily, summoning an violent thunderstorm.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Zeita turns into a Thunderbird, flaps her wings to create thunderous sounds as she shoots lighting from her eyes at the opponent's head before turning back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game) -

Zeita gets a boombox and charge it with electricity, play some 80's music and dances

Battle Intro-

If she appears first: Zeita drops down with lighting as she gets up, then gets ready to fight.

Zeita: Stand aside, demon.
Scorpion: Walk away or die, girl!
Zeita: I won't back down!

Zeita: Thunder verse ice...
Sub-Zero: My cryomancy will end you.
Zeita: Then I'll use fire against you.

Zeita: Another government agent...
Cassie Cage: I just want questions from you.
Zeita: I'm not in a mood.

Zeita: An wasp caught in the storm.
D'Vorah: Identity yourself, girl.
Zeita: I am the Empress of Thunder.

Zeita: I don't want to hurt a child.
Ferra/Torr: What thunder lady do about it?
Zeita: Don't say I didn't warn you!

Zeita: I can't let you pass.
Kotal Khan: Then you'll be the first to fall, Empress.
Zeita: I don't think so!

Zeita: Two gods in battle...
Raiden: May the best thunder god win!
Zeita: Thunder awaits you!

Zeita: Another criminal to crush.
Kano: Heard you got problems on mercenaries.
Zeita: Yes, I have...

Zeita 1: What tricky is this?
Zeita 2: It's like meeting a doppelganger.
Zeita 1: or a parallel twin.

If she appears second: Zeita walks onto the area, electricity flow through her hands.

Scorpion: You're not from here.
Zeita: Nice observant.
Scorpion: No matter, then fight!

Sub-Zero: An princess of the remaining Edenian?
Zeita: Not princess, Empress.
Sub-Zero: Then fight for your reputation.

Cassie Cage: Found the surviving student from the shooting.
Zeita: I don't want the agency involved with me!
Cassie Cage: Can’t take the law into your hands, hun.

D'Vorah: Another ruler from Outworld?
Zeita: I don't conquer, I save.
D'Vorah: Then you shall fall before me!

Ferra/Torr: I want Thunder lady powers!
Zeita: You're not worthy to use them wisely.
Ferra/Torr: Then Torr will make you do it!

Kotal Khan: You're just as foolish as Raiden.
Zeita: I will bring peace no matter what!
Kotal Khan: Then your blood spill on my hands.

Raiden: Is this Empress an Elder God once?
Zeita: Sorry, girl got to keep secrets.
Raiden: Fair enough.

Kano: Out of all the chicks I've met...
Zeita: I'm taking down the Black Dragon Clan!
Kano: Not a chance, sweetheart.

Zeita 2: If you're me, what school I've graduated?
Zeita 1: Why would that matter?
Zeita 2: I thought you're just an cosplayer.

Win pose-

Zeita raises her arms to create thunder and rain, her eyes glow yellow and whip her hair


I have no idea please post your own.


- Her first fatality reference MKvsDC's Raiden's Electrocution and her second fatality reference God of War 3 where Kratos beats up Hercules
- The "Thunder Empress" variant is similar to Raiden's Thunder God variant but her Empress Strength and Thundering Tackle can be used in air, acts as more melee/grapple based; The "Mystic Knowledge" variant is more zoning based; The "Empress' Boon" variant gives Zeita damage boost for a short while, but can loose more health if hit.

Sorry I don't have any ideas for Brutalities for her please post your own.

Guest Kombatant-Slenderman

Of the Slenderman mythology

Bio: An ancient being, Slenderman's origins are unknown. Throughout the eras of history, Slenderman has stalked targets, all of which chosen at random. Children being his favorite victims. If those who were stalked where ever found, they met their end at the Slenderman's hand. He was called into the ancient tournament by Shao Kahn. But the emperor had no clue of who, or what, he has brought to Outworld.

Costume 1: Basic Slenderman look
Costume 2: Enderman (an all black Slenderman with white eye spots)

Battle Intro: Slenderman lowers himself from the top of the screen with his tentacles.

Signature Attacks
Tentacle Terror: Slenderman thrusts four tentacles forward
Enhanced-Tendril Terror: Slenderman uses ten tentacles to increase damage

Slender walk: Slenderman disappears in a ripple (like when reptile uses invisible) and reappears behind the opponent hitting them in from behind.
Enhanced-Slender dash: Slenderman reaches out with his tentacles and slams the opponent

Proxy: Slenderman takes control of his opponent shown by the Operator Symbol over their head. They walk to him, unable to attack or defend.
Enhanced-Puppeteer: The super bar is deleted while they are under Slenderman's control

Impale: Slenderman changes one of his arms into a tentacle and impales the enemy, drawing them to him.
Enhanced-Impaled: Slenderman uses two arms instead of one and gains an armored status

Select Visibility: Slenderman disappears from view gaining a small damage boost.
Enhanced-Invisibility: Slenderman disappears without a shimmer and gains a larger damage bonus.

X-Ray Move-Preparing my meal: Slenderman expands four tentacles onto his opponent crushing their limbs. He then draws them to him before impaling them through the chest damaging the ribs. Slenderman then summons another tentacle and stabs them through the skull before tossing them away.

Throw: Slenderman grabs the enemy with his tentacles and throws them.
Air Throw: Slenderman grabs the enemy with his tentacles and spikes them into the ground.

Round Win: Slenderman wiggles his tentacles with a creepy noise playing.
Round Lose: Slenderman is raised up by his tentacles serving as legs.
Standard Victory Pose: The camera grows staticy as Slenderman disappears before reappearing right in front of the camera. Slenderman disappears again and the camera clears up.

Stage-Evil Forest (a really old looking forest with a grey clouded sky. All the trees seems dead and withered)
Stage Fatality: You grab your opponent and they are thrown onto one of the branches, dying from impalement

Organ Donor-Slenderman summons up a series of tentacles that rush forward and lodge in the opponent's chest. He then rips them out with the opponent's internal organs gripped in each one.
Victory Pose: Slenderman crams the opponent's organs back into their body.

Time to Feed-Slenderman grabs the opponent, and the camera loses almost all focus. A scream of pain is heard. When the camera recovers, the opponent is basically torn to shreds, and blood is around the area Slenderman's mouth should be.
Victory pose: Slenderman wipes the blood off his face and pats his stomach.

Babality: A baby Slenderman rises up on his tentacles before disappearing
Hara-Kiri: Slenderman grows out his tentacles, and impales himself on them.
Friendship: Slenderman begins to juggle with his tentacles
Animality: Slenderman turns into a large spider, grabs his opponent with his web and eats them whole

Shao Kahn made the mistake of bringing Slenderman into Outworld and paid for it with his life. After Shao Kahn died, Slenderman did what he always does, fade into the background. But he did not disappear completely. One by one, the greatest fighters of both EarthRealm and Outworld began to disappear. Eventually Liu Kang sought out Raiden for advice. Only the thunder god was nowhere to be found, in his place a note "No eyes, always watching".

Sorry I don't have any ideas for Brutalities for him or character intros please post your own.

Name: Lieutenant Adam Legend

Race: Half Human, Half Edenian

Resides: Earthrealm and Edenia

Alignment: Good

Friends and Allies: Taven, Ashrah, Liu Kang, Shujinko, Kitana, Jerrod, Sindel, Jade, Sonya Blade, Jax, Johnny Cage, Cyrax, Ermac, Nightwolf, Kabal, Smoke, Sub Zero (Human and Cyborg), Bi-Han, Scorpion, Kung Lao, Kenshi, Stryker, Raiden, Li Mei, Sauria, Friskie, Dr. Nathan Growlsbane & Armarod

Enemies and Rivals: Daegon, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi, Shang Tsung, Onaga, Mavado, Mileena, Tanya, Skarlet, Rain, Kano, Baraka, Reptile, Noob Saibot, Sheeva, Goro, Kintaro, Nega Sauria, Sektor and Shinnok

Bio: Lt Adam Legend is Half British Earthrealm human and Half Edenian. Like Sonya and Jax, he works for Special Forces, but works for British special forces. His two worlds, Earthrealm and Edenia are threatened by the necromancer, Quan Chi as he corrupted most of his people into his undead army. They are also threatened by the Red Dragon clan as he is an ally to the Half Edenian God, Taven and the former Netherrealm demon, Ashrah. Adam strives to protect his people and his worlds from the evil forces of Quan Chi, the Red Dragon clan and other dangerous threats such as Shao Kahn.

Costume 1: Yellow vest, red belt, golden bracelets, brown leggings and black boots

Costume 2: Brainiac T-shirt, golden bracelets long black shorts and navy trainers

Special moves:

*Head Stomp: Adam leaps into the air and stomps the foe on the head.

Enhanced Double Stomp After stomping on the foes head with his feet he jumps up and stomps down on their head again a second time for more damage.

Bicycle Kicks: Like Liu Kang and Sonya, Adam rises into the air delivering a series of kicks to his foe.

Enhanced Falling Bicycle Kicks He drives the foe into the ground while kicking them.

Fireball: Adam shoots a yellow fireball from his palms at his foe.

Enhanced Big Fireball He hurls a bigger yellow fireball at his foe which does more damage.

IDK Either that or he fires two fireballs one high and one low at the foe.

Shockwave: Adam flies into the air and slams back down, creating a shockwave to stun and damage his foe.

Enhanced Giant Shockwave The resulting shock wave is much bigger and stuns the foe longer and hurts them more.

Swoop Adam flies and swoops onto his foe while covered in a fiery aura.

Enhanced Far Swoop The move has a better reach and is unblockable.

Head Grab Adam grabs the foe by the head, flips over them, and slams them on the back with his knee.

Enhanced Double Slam Not only is the move unblockable but Adam slams the foe twice which increases the damage.

X-Ray move: Brainiac Beatdown

Adam delivers a series of bicycle kicks to his opponents on the chest, which the final double kick breaks their ribcage, and while in the air, Adam grabs the opponent by the neck and snaps it, and finally he grabs the opponent with his knees, flips over and slams his opponent heavily onto the ground, which breaks their skull.


* Acid rain: Adam jumps into the air and pours a beaker of acid onto his opponent. As the acid burns the opponent's flesh, Adam then drops a lit match onto the opponent, and causes him/her to explode, leaving blood, bones and organs to go everywhere.

* Yellow Fever: Adam forces his opponent to swallow a few pills full of chemicals. The opponent then chokes on the chemicals, and the body turns yellow, and the head, arms burst off and the body explodes, with the head and arms falling in the puddle of their own blood.

* Leopard: Adam becomes a leopard and mauls the opponent to shreds before devouring their remains.

* Self-neck snap: Adam throttles himself, then snaps his own neck, killing himself.

Friendship finisher:

* Impressionist: Adam dresses up and does impressions of certain characters from different media, such as Rita Repulsa, Vicky Pollard, Marjorie Dawes, etc, making the opponent laugh and befriending Adam.


Adam gets a stuffed toy resembling an angel dog, and happily cuddles it.

Battle intro:

A helicopter is heard from above. Adam jumps off the helicopter onto the stage and says "Try Me!" to the opponent.

Winning pose:

Adam backflips and speaks to his walkie-talkie and says "Mission Accomplished!" and then he salutes and the British flag appears behind him.


Adam has defeated the villainous Shao Kahn, so his friend, Sauria was restored back into a human and all her memories have returned. Soon he encountered Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, the evil sorcerers who killed and corrupted Adam's allies and made them join the forces of evil. With the help of Sauria, Adam successfully destroyed Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, so the spell on his people has broken. Sindel, Jade, Kitana, Stryker, Jax, Nightwolf, Kung Lao, Kabal, Smoke and Cyber Sub Zero has been free from their bonds and escaped the Netherrealm. Adam has been celebrated as a legendary hero. He received a promotion as Grand Captain of the special forces, received a knighthood from Queen Sindel, became new champion of Mortal Kombat and blessed as a new protector from Raiden, Fujin and the Elder Gods. Never again will evil threaten Adam's worlds and people. Adam Legend now lives up to his name.

Variation One: Flame Aura/Pyromancer/Flaming Legend

Fireball: See above
*Flamethrower: Legend shoots beams of flames out of his hands, similar to Rain in MK9.

Flame Aura: See Swoop
*Blazing Aura: move has armor, see Enhanced Far Swoop.

Burning Kicks: Kicks his foe repeatedly in the face, using flames shooting out of his hands to keep him in the air.
*Full Power Kicks: Move does a mixture of overhead and low kicks.

Parry: Does Liu Kang's Round Win pose from MK9, and if hit, his opponent is slapped, and set on fire, doing DoT for a while.
*Flaming Parry: Has faster startup and does more DoT.

Inferno: Spreads hands similarly to Raiden's XRay starters, and fire blazes around him, kicking the opponent back.

Variation Two: Wrestler/Legendary

Killer Kicks: See Bicycle Kicks
Destructive Kicks: See Enhanced Falling Bicycle Kicks

Head Stomp: See Above
*Double Stomp: See above

Shock wave: See Above
*Ground Wave: See Giant Shockwave

I'll come back to this.

Variation Three: Chemicality

Syringe Stab: Adam leaps onto his foe and stabs a syringe of liquid into them. Deals lots of damage.
*Syringe Rape: Adam stabs and cuts with the syringe, as it sprays everywhere.

Acid Floor: Pours a vial of acid on the floor, but it can damage both opponents. It also stops running.
Acid World: Throws vial at floor, and it explodes and ricochets everywhere.

Pills and Potion: Medicinal Stance, he has four pills and a potion he can use: a Red Pill, which enhances his damage, a Blue Pill, which increases his life, a Yellow Pill, which gives him more Super Meter, half a bar, a Green Pill, which increases his speed, and a Purple Potion, which grants him an extra hit of armor which resets every 300 frames. You can tell when it's active by the color aura surrounding him.
*Pour it Up: Does twice the effect.

Guest Kombatant-Travis Touchdown

Of the No More Heroes franchise

Bio: A highly skilled assassin, Travis has done the impossible, fight his way to the top of the UAA rankings, then just leaves. Tempted by Sylvia and angered by a twisted turn of events, Travis replicated this incredible stunt. Now coaxed with 'great rewards', Travis has entered the ancient tournament. His Blood Berry is ready to cut through any and all opponents.

Costume 1: Dark red, tiger-backed jacket, yellow glasses, dark jeans
Costume 2: Light red jacket with Santa Destroy flag, red glasses, light jeans

Battle Intro: Travis slides in on Schpeltiger, gets off, says "This is your end!" And activates Blood Berry.

Signature Attacks
Charge Slash: Travis increases the power of his Blood Berry and slashes forward.
Enhanced-Charged Slash: The attack power of the attack increases.

Jumping Slash: Travis springs forward spinning
Enhanced-Leaping Slash: Travis spins faster and causes more damage.

Blueberry Cheese Brownie: Travis slashes an energy ball at the enemy
Enhanced-Enhanced BCB: Travis slashes twice, each time firing an energy ball

Cherry: Travis dashes through the enemy at extreme speeds slashing them as he does
Enhanced-Strawberry on the Shortcake: Travis dashes through the enemy three times in the pattern forward, back, forward

X-Ray Move-You're a Joke: Travis throws a punch into the opponent's face breaking their skull. He then spin kicks them into the ribs breaking them. Travis finishes the attack with a slash from Blood Berry cutting the ribs in a diagonal fashion.

Throw: Travis grabs the opponents by the arms and uses a supplex.
Air Throw: Travis grabs the opponent and drops down on them with his elbow.

Round Win: Travis retracts Blood Berry and pulls out his cell phone.
Round Lose: Travis does a hand spin to get back up.
Standard Victory Pose: Travis jumps over the body and rides off on Schpeltiger.

Stage: Motel No More Heroes (The parking lot of the motel Travis lives in)
Stage Fatality: You throw the opponent onto the road and their head gets crushed by a passing car.

Gooseberry Sugar Doughnut-Travis yells out "f***head!" and release a massive explosion of red energy reducing the enemy to a puddle of blood.
Victory Pose: Travis turns away, clips Blood Berry to his belt, and walks away.

Maximum Power-Travis rams Blood Berry into his opponent's head and increases its power, blowing the head clean off.
Victory Pose: Travis lodges Blood Berry where the head used to be.

Babality: A baby Travis pulls out a toy Blood Berry and turns it on and hits it on the ground.
Hara-Kiri: Travis lodges Blood Berry in his stomach then raises it up, cutting his torso and head in two.
Friendship: Travis offers the opponent a ride on Schpeltiger.
Animality: Travis turns into a tiger and mauls the opponent

Once again Travis climbed the ranks, and defeated a top warrior. The remaining warriors of Outworld attempted to avenge their lost leader but all met the same fate. With this feat, the UAA instantly re-ranked him as the number 1 assassin. But once he grew sick of the fanfare, Travis again left the rankings. But his ranking fights are always a crowd pleaser, so Sylvia decided to 'convince' him again.

Another idea for his X-Ray Move he raises his foot to stomp it down while in front of his foe and if he connects he stomps down on their foot not yet causing any internal damage to damaging their health and setting up the combo.

He then jabs his 2 Beam Katana's in his/her stomach breaking their ribs and piercing their innards then he raises his knee as he pulls out his weapons and the foe falls on his knee on their chest which breaks their ribs then he finishes it by either stabbing or slashing them in the head/face damaging their skull before dropping them down.

3rd Fatality Katana Rip Travis jabs both of his Beam Katana's into his foe's body/torso.

He then lifts them over his head and rips them in half by pulling the weapons apart.

4th Fatality Golden Decapitation Travis cuts the foes legs off either partially at the knees causing them to fall on their bleeding knee stomps or completely at the thighs and then decapitates them as a fountain of blood and gold coins shoots out of their neck.

Sorry I do not have any ideas for variations or x-ray moves or character intros for him please post your own.
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RE: My ideas for new/guest kharacters/kombatants
09/25/2015 04:25 PM EST
My ideas for Jason Voorhees

From: Friday the 13th

Alignment Evil Duh!


A serial killer from Earthrealm, Jason Voorhees seemingly drowned as a small child, causing his mother to snap and kill anyone who worked at the camp where it happened till she herself was killed in 1980, a still alive Jason witnessing everything. Now he kills anyone who ventures into his home of Crystal Lake, racking up a known body count of over 150, one which is still rising and never gonna stop. But it seems someone has summoned him to Outworld.

Normal Costume-

His "Friday The 13th (2009)" appearance.


Forward Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Jason lifts up and chokes the opponent by the throat before throwing them back to the ground.
Backwards Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Jason lifts up and chokes the opponent by the throat before throwing them behind him.


Crystal Lake Killer: Adds unique attacks utilizing Axe, Jason has a axe in a sling on the side of his waist.
Hunter: Adds Dead Eye Arrow, Upward Dead Eye Arrow Downward Dead Eye Arrow, Jason carries around a bow and arrow sheath on his back.
New Blood: Adds Garden Claw, Hunting Knife and Sickle Cut, Jason wears a utility belt with said weapons on it.

Special Moves-

Unlucky Stab: Jason stabs his machete downwards onto the opponent's chest before ripping it out, forcing the opponent back. (Enhanced Version is called "Unlucky Slide", after stabbing the opponent, Jason lifts them up and saws them back and forth a bit before throwing them down.)
13th Hack: Jason lunges at the opponent, grabbing them and hacks down his machete downwards, knocking them down. (Enhanced Version is called "Unlucky Hack and Slash", after the first hit, Jason slashes his machete upwards, knocking the opponent into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Unlucky Nut Cracker: Jason drops down and slashes the opponent in their groin, stunning the opponent in place. (Enhanced Version is called "Unlucky Nut Shot", Jason instead whacks the opponent's groin before taking out and firing a speargun there, sending the opponent in the air for a free hit or combo.)
Speargun: Jason fires a speargun at the opponent, knocking them back. (Enhanced Version is called "Speargunned", it can be charged and at full charge be unblockable while doing more damage.)
Backbreaker: Jason grabs the opponent and breaks their back against his knee before throwing them away. (Enhanced Version is called "Crystal Lake Backbreaker", Jason slams the opponent down on his knee again.)
Dead Eye Arrow: Jason fires a arrow from his bow at the opponent's stomach. (Enhanced Version is called "Dead Eye Arrow Stun", it does more damage while it hits the opponent in the neck, stunning them for a short while, open for a free hit or combo.)
Upward Dead Eye Arrow: Jason fires a arrow from his bow upwards at the opponent's head. (Enhanced Version is called "Upward Dead Eye Arrow Stun", it does more damage while it hits the opponent through the head, stunning them for a short while, open for a free hit or combo.)
Downward Dead Eye Arrow: Jason fires a arrow from his bow downwards at the opponent's feet. (Enhanced Version is called "Downward Dead Eye Arrow Stun", it does more damage while it sticks the opponent's foot to the ground, stunning them for a short while, open for a free hit or combo.)
Garden Claw: Jason swings down a garden claw onto the opponent, knocking them down. (Enhanced Version is called "Garden Clawed", after the first strike, Jason grabs the opponent and claws away at them with the garden claw before throwing them in the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Hunting Knife: Jason comes forward, jabbing a hunting knife into the opponent's stomach, knocking them back. (Enhanced Version is called "Hunting Knife Stab", when it connects, Jason grabs the opponent and stabs them also in the ear before pushing them back to the ground.)
Sickle Cut: Jason slashes the opponent neck with his sickle, knocking them back. (Enhanced Version is called "Sickle Slit", after the first hit, Jason slits their neck two more times.)

X-Ray Move-

The Man Behind The Mask: Jason charges at the opponent, grabbing them before stabbing them in the eye with a party horn that honks upon impact as the opponent tries to punch back, only for Jason to grab them by the arm and break it with the bone popping out as they fall to their knees, only for Jason to grab them by the sides of the head from behind and crush in their skulls, forcing the party horn to pop out from their eye socket, dropping the opponent to the ground.


You're Doomed: Jason grabs the opponent by the arm and slices it off with a swing of his machete, causing the opponent to reach out to the bloody stump as Jason takes out the axe and throws it against their back, dropping them to their knees before striking them in the face with his machete, knocking the opponent down with enough force to force the axe blade out their chest as he rips out his machete, looking down at the opponent.
Dead Fuck: Jason takes out a metal tent spike and throws it at the opponent's foot, sticking them to the ground, making them try to rip it out, only for Jason to grab them by the top and bottom of their heads, starting to crush their head down, first causing a bit of blood to drip before causing blood to burst from their eye sockets, nose, mouth and ears till the head is crushed down to the size of a walnut, Jason throwing the opponent down.

Voice Actor-

Derek Mears (Only in grunts and groans)

Babality (If they're in the game)-

Jason, with a oversized hockey mask on, sees a girl doll before taking out a baby sized machete and starts chopping it up, giving a giggle.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Jason turns into a huge bear, wearing his hockey mask and slashes at the opponent's neck and stomach with his claws, mauling them before turning back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game)-

Jason reaches to get something, only to show he's giving a T-Shirt that says "Camp Crystal Lake" to the opponent, who accepts it.

Battle Intro-

If he appears first: Jason walks onto the arena, eyes on the opponent, before taking out his machete out, ready to fight.

Jason Voorhees: ...
Scorpion: Another demon from the Neterrealm...
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
Sub-Zero: Make a move...
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
Cassie Cage: Great, psycho wearing a mask.
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
D'Vorah: Away with you beast!
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
Ferra/Torr: Torr make you talk!
Jason Voorhees: ...

Jason Voorhees: ...
Kotal Khan: Your heart beats loud...
Jason Voorhees: ...

If he appears second: Jason is seen ripping his machete out of a Tarkatan's corpse, ready to fight.

Scorpion: Speak now or die...
Jason Voorhees: ...
Scorpion: Alright then...

Sub-Zero: State your business...
Jason Voorhees: ...
Sub-Zero: Fine, then i'll make you talk.

Cassie Cage: Alright, drop the machete!
Jason Voorhees: ...
Cassie Cage: Don't say i didn't warn ya'!

D'Vorah: Such a odd mask...
Jason Voorhees: ...
D'Vorah: I will keep it as a trophy!

Ferra/Torr: Funny mask on big guy
Jason Voorhees: ...
Ferra/Torr: You give it now!

Kotal Khan: Your blade won't save you...
Jason Voorhees: ...
Kotal Khan: I will take your heart!

Kano: G'day

Jason: ...

Kano: Not the talking type eh?

Or Jason

Kano: Sorry bout your mum

Jason: ...

Kano: I touched a nerve didn't I?!

Raiden: C'mon Jason

Jason: ...

Raiden: Fight


Jason: ...

Raiden: Come at me bro

Jason: ...

Win pose-

Jason seemingly looks at the opponent before grabbing the camera "By the neck" and slices at the screen, before it drops and rolls down on the ground, as if it got decapitated, staring upwards at Jason.

Ending No idea post your own other wise its the same from MKX.

- Jason's moves and finishers pretty much reference a lot of the films, so much, can't list 'em all. Plus, even know he doesn't talk, Derek Mears, who played him in the 2009 remake, still does his grunts and groans of pain.
- How Jason got to Outworld isn't original, but hey, work with what you got.
- The "Crystal Lake Killer" variant gives Jason moves and combos where he uses a axe along with his machete, the "Hunter" variant makes Jason more zoning based and the "New Blood" variant makes Jason more melee/grapple based.

I have no ideas for Brutalities or Enhanced Moves/Specials please post your own.

Sweet Tooth

From: Twisted Metal

Alignment Evil


Needles Kane, more known as "Sweet Tooth", spreads destruction and desolation, in both his infamous ice cream truck and on foot. Winning the equally infamous "Twisted Metal contest of car combat held by Calypso, Sweet Tooth had wished for a change of pace. To be sent to a place where violence is everywhere, with victims who could put up a good struggle and be able to inflict so much of it. He got his wish, being sent with his ice cream truck... To Outworld.

Normal Costume-

His "Twisted Metal (2012)" appearance, only more detailed.


Forward Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Sweet Tooth punches the opponent in the face and sticks a remote bomb on their stomach, which explodes, sending them back.
Backwards Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Sweet Tooth punches the opponent in the face and sticks a remote bomb on their back, moving them behind him as it explodes, sending them face first.


Old Man's Curse: Adds Burning Pain ability, Sweet Tooth looks normal.
Tasty Treat: Adds unique attacks utilizing Chainsaw, Sweet Tooth has a chainsaw in a holster on his waist which he uses during combos.
Deathmatch: Adds Freeze Burst, Homing Missile and Napalm Drop, Sweet Tooth has a small remote on his waist belt that he uses when he does the moves.

Special Moves-

Machete Swing: Sweet Tooth swings around his machete in a circle, knocking the opponent back to the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Machete Twister", Sweet Tooth moves towards the opponent as he spins, doing more damage..)
Machete Grab: Sweet Tooth reaches out to the opponent, stabbing them in the chest before kicking them away. (Enhanced Version is called "Machete Throw", after Sweet Tooth stabs the opponent, he throws them off of the blade into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Machete Uppercut: Sweet Tooth jumps up, swinging his Machete upwards, knocking the opponent into the air. (Enhanced Version is called "Machete Liftoff", it's faster and does more damage.)
Sawed-Off Shotgun Blast- Sweet Tooth fires a round from his sawn-off shotgun at the opponent, knocking them back. (Enhanced Version is called "Sawed-Off Shotgun Blasts", fires both rounds, juggling the opponent in the air a bit, open for a free hit or combo.)
Mine- Sweet Tooth throws a land mine out in front of him, which explodes upon the opponent touching it or if left untouched long enough. There are close, medium and far variants of the move (Enhanced Version is called "Charged Mine", does more damage.)
Burning Pain (Only can be done in "Old Man's Curse" variation): The flames on Sweet Tooth's head burn up more, making him scream, losing a bit of health, but gains a damage increase for a short while. (Enhanced Version is called "Burning Pain and Gain", Sweet Tooth doesn't lose as much health.)
Freeze Burst (Only can be done in "Deathmatch" variation): Sweet Tooth presses a button on his remote, making his ice cream truck fire a ice blast towards the opponent, freezing them in place. (Enhanced Version is called "Frozen Burst", it lasts longer and does a small bit of damage.)
Homing Missile (Only can be done in "Deathmatch" variation): Sweet Tooth presses a button on his remote, making his ice cream truck fire a homing missile which locks onto the opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Homing Death", fires two instead of one homing missiles.)
Napalm Drop (Only can be done in "Deathmatch" variation): Sweet Tooth presses a button on his remote, making his ice cream truck send out a gas container which drops down onto the battlefield. Can be dropped earlier with some splash damage. (Enhanced Version is called "Napalm Strike", the explosion is bigger and does more damage.)

X-Ray Move-

Shut Up and Bleed!: Sweet Tooth takes out a remote and presses a button which sends out, from his Ice Cream Truck, a Power Missile. If it hits the opponent, it sends them to the ground in pain before Sweet Tooth drives over them in his ice cream truck, running over their back, breaking their spine and back before they try crawling away before Sweet Tooth appears, slamming down his machete into their left shoulder, cutting and breaking the shoulder blade in two before throwing them down to the ground..


Choose Your Flavor: Sweet Tooth slices the opponent's stomach with his machete, entrails falling out as Sweet Tooth holds them by the head with his free hand before starting to chop away at their neck with the machete. After two attempts, Sweet Tooth finally gets the head off, taking out a big ice cream cone as the headless corpse falls over and puts the head on the cone and shows the bloody treat to the camera.
Look Both Ways: Sweet Tooth takes out a sawnoff shotgun and shoots the opponent in the kneecap, dropping them to the ground as he walks away, only for the ice cream truck's laughter to be heard as said vehicle speeds by, hitting the opponent who flips over it onto the ground, broken up in pain, only for Sweet Tooth to back up, running the opponent's head and legs over, crushing it as Sweet Tooth pops out the side window.

Voice Actor-

J.S. Gilbert

Babality (If they're in the game)-

Sweet Tooth takes out a remote control and starts playing around with it, turns out he's controlling a little RC car version of his ice cream truck and gives a baby version of his laugh at this.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Sweet Tooth turns into a giant caterpillar with his head, grinning and laughing as he grabs the opponent, maiming and mauling the opponent to pieces before turning back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game)-

Sweet Tooth goes into his ice cream truck, only to bring out to the opponent a big sundae, which they accept and begin to eat.


Metro Square: One of the levels from TM2012, both fighters fight on a bridge overlooking the square and smaller areas (Such as the toy store, book store, etc) as a TM contest goes on in the background, with cameos from various vehicles from the game driving by and blowing up shit, including a Mobile Nuclear Missile Launcher and the massive Dolls statue. There is some parts of the ledge and the walls of the buildings connecting the bridge you can jump off for leverage and even when a Talon helicopter by, you can use it's turrent gun to fire at the opponent. The stage fatality is grabbing the opponent and dropping them off the ledge of the bridge and onto the nuclear missile launcher that happens tp pass by,seemingly sparing the opponent before the nuke they landed on is activated, resulting in it getting fired, with them on it, right at the Doll's Statue, blowing it up and killing the opponent.

Battle Intro-

If he appears first: Sweet Tooth gets out of his ice cream truck, machete in hand, then moves his machete around his hands.

Sweet Tooth: Look at you.
Scorpion: You don't scare me clown.
Sweet Tooth: Then come here and prove it.

Sweet Tooth: What you gonna do frosty?.
Sub-Zero: Feel your cold death.
Sweet Tooth: Ladies first...

Sweet Tooth: Hello blondie...
Cassie Cage: Look who escaped from the loony bin.
Sweet Tooth: Yes i have!

Sweet Tooth: Look at the Itsy Bitsy Spider...
D'Vorah: Gonna resort to name calling?
Sweet Tooth: And more you bug bitch!

Sweet Tooth: Haven't killed a kid in a while.
Ferra/Torr: I a lady!
Sweet Tooth: Don't matter, you're dead.

Sweet Tooth: Nice knife, mines bigger.
Kotal Khan: It will carve out your heart!
Sweet Tooth: Sorry, got no heart!

If he appears second: Sweet Tooth drives into the arena, getting out of his ice cream truck, ready to fight.

Scorpion: State your business...
Sweet Tooth: Don't think i'm gonna.
Scorpion: Then DIE!

Sub-Zero: Another demon from the Netherrealm?
Sweet Tooth: Not even close.
Sub-Zero: Then i will send you there myself!

Cassie Cage: Circus come to town?
Sweet Tooth: Yes, the circus of pain!
Cassie Cage: Yeah, your pain!

D'Vorah: You not from around here!
Sweet Tooth: Nice observation ladybug.
D'Vorah: You will parish for that remark!

Ferra/Torr: Torr gonna kill you without weapon!
Sweet Tooth: Let's just see about that.
Ferra/Torr: Get him Torr!

Kotal Khan: Die by this blade..
Sweet Tooth: Fine, you die by mine first.
Kotal Khan: Let us see...

Kano: Ok clown, bring it

Sweet Tooth: Reference that clown again

Kano: Why So Serious


Sweet Tooth: I'll do what the girl won't

Kano: What are you going on about?

Sweet Tooth: Focus

Raiden: It's been a while Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth: 09 If i recall.

Raiden: I agree


Raiden: That head will be the least of your worries

Sweet Tooth: You talking about my blade?

Raiden: Yep

Win pose-

Sweet Tooth laughs as he takes the opponent by the shoulder and throws them in the back of his ice cream truck, entering it too as he notices the camera, raising his machete saying "Now, for some alone time.", closing it as it's assumed he still kills the opponent.


No idea please add your own.

- There is alot of different TM references to count, just try to look for 'em.
- Sweet Tooth and the "Metro Square" stage from "TM2012"are Playstation 4 exclusives along with the level being the only system exclusive with a state fatality.
- The "Old Man's Curse" variant gives Sweet Tooth a damage boost at the cost of losing a bit of health, the "Tasty Treat" variant gives Sweet Tooth some new moves and combos which he does using a chainsaw and the "Deathmatch" variant makes Sweet Tooth more projectile focused.


From: Killer Instinct

Alignment Evil


A prototype cybernetic soldier developed by Ultratech, Fulgore was entered into the Killer Instinct tournament as a final test of its combat capabilities. There has been multiple versions of the Fulgore model, the most recent being the Mk. III. Sent out, it had one single directive: ELIMINATE ENEMIES TO ULTRATECH. But before he could be sent out to what he was programmed to do, his reactor core malfunctioned, seeming to send him to a new world named "Outworld".

Normal Costume-

His "Killer Instinct (2013)" appearance


Forward Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Fulgore impales the opponent's stomach with one of his Plasma Claws before kicking them away.
Backwards Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Fulgore impales the opponent's stomach with one of his Plasma Claws before throwing them over his head behind him.


Supreme: Adds Gravity Strike and Axis Spin, Fulgore's plasma claws glow brighter than normal.
Ultra: Adds Downward Eye Laser, Upward Eye Laser and Reflector, Fulgore's eyes glow brighter than normal.
No Mercy: Adds Reactor Core ability, Fulgore has a red glow all around him, most noticeably his chest.

Special Moves-

Blade Dash: Fulgore moves foward quickly, hitting the opponent with his plasma claw. (Enhanced Version is called "Cyber Dash", it's faster and does more damage.)
Eye Laser: Fulgore emits an short ranged laser blast from his eyes. Can also be done in the air. (Enhanced Version is called "Rapid Eye Laser", fires out two laser blasts instead of one.)
Energy Bolt: Fulgore shoots out a blue plasma wave projectile from his plasma claws. (Enhanced Version is called "Energy Storm", fires out a bigger projectile that does more damage.)
Plasma Slice: Fulgore flies up in the air delivering a uppercut using his plasma claw, knocking the opponent into the air. (Enhanced Version is called "Cyber Slice", it knocks the opponent higher in the air and does more damage, open for a free hit or combo.)
Plasmaport: Fulgore's disappears in a wave of black and blue, before suddenly teleporting behind the oppoent. (Enhanced Version is called "CyberPort", after appearing behind the opponent, Fulgore blasts the opponent with a Eye Laser down to the ground.)
Gravity Strike (Only can be done in "Supreme" variation): Fulgore strikes down one of his plasma claws onto the opponent, knocking them down to the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Cyber Strike", after the first strike, Fulgore slashes upwards the opponent, open for a free hit or combo.)
Axis Slash (Only can be done in "Supreme" variation): Fulgore spins around, swinging his plasma claws around, cutting the opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Spinning Axis Slash", Fulgore spins towards the opponent, doing more damage.)
Downward Eye Laser (Only can be done in "Ultra" variation): Fulgore emits an short ranged laser blast from his eyes down at the opponent's feet. (Enhanced Version is called "Rapid Eye Laser", fires out two laser blasts instead of one.)
Upward Eye Laser (Only can be done in "Ultra" variation): Fulgore emits an short ranged laser blast from his eyes upwards at the airbourne opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Rapid Eye Laser", fires out two laser blasts instead of one.)
Reflector (Only can be done in "Ultra" variation): Fulgore emits a reflective blue energy shield that surrounds his entire body letting him repel one projectile away from him for a short while. (Enhanced Version is called "Electro-Flect", it repels the projectile back at the opponent, able to hurt them.)
Reactor Core (Only can be done in "No Mercy" variation): Fulgore presses a button on his wrist, activating his reactor core for a short while, giving him increase the damage of all his special attacks, at the cost of taking more damage. (Enhanced Version is called "Nuclear Reactor Core", it gives the same damage increase, but he only takes the normal amount of damage.)

X-Ray Move-

The Instinct: Fulgore fires out three Eye Laser blasts at the opponent's feet, if it connects, Fulgore suddenly starts punching and kicking the opponent before doing a hard Blade Dash and impaling and puncturing their lungs while breaking their ribs before ripping it out and doing a harsh Plasma Slice, stabbing the plasma claw through their jaw and out the top of their head as both fall back down.


More Than Meets The Eye: Fulgore's head transforms into what seems to be a turret like gun before it starts firing away at the opponent, riddling them full of bullets, but they're still alive, so transforming his head back to normal, Fulgore presses some buttons on his wrist, making a target light appear over the opponent, locking in before the opponent is obliterated by a laser beam into a bloody mess as Fulgore raises his arms in victory.
Devastation Beam: Fulgore presses a button on his wrist before bracing himself and spreads out it's arms as it's chest compartment opens up, showing it's reactor core which glows bright red as it gets charged up to the opponent's confusion before Fulgore fires a huge red laser blast, frying and burning the opponent away till all that's left is their burnt stumps of lower legs which fall over as Fulgore closes the chest compartment.

Voice Actor-

Jean-Edouard Miclot

Babality (If they're in the game)-

Fulgore seems to hiccup alot and keeps going before suddenly shooting out a mini-Devasation Beam, like he threw up a bit, laughing.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Fulgore turns into a robotic version of what looks like Riptor before opening his mouth wide enough to bite the opponent's upper body off before turning back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game)-

Fulgore presses a button on his wrist before transforming himself into the "Killer Instinct" arcade machine to which the opponent begins to play as "The Instinct" plays in the background.


Industrial Warehouse: The warehouse belonging to Ultratech, this is Fulgore's level from the first Killer Instinct. In fact, it IS the original version of the level in all of it's 16/32 bit glory, even has the original stage theme "Full-Bore" playing in the background as you fight. (Though sometimes, "The Instinct" may play instead) Since this would be a close port of the original level, there is no interactive objects or stage fatalities in the stage.

Battle Intro-

If he appears first: Fulgore walks up, plasma blades spinning a bit, then gets ready to fight.

Fulgore: Heat signatures similar to Cinder.
Scorpion: What is your response?

Fulgore: Tempatures similar to Glacius.
Sub-Zero: Away with you soulless machine!
Fulgore: Threat given, eliminate!

Fulgore: Lower weapons or else.
Cassie Cage: What if i don't?
Fulgore: Death.

Fulgore: Subject unknown.
D'Vorah: What you going to do next?
Fulgore: FIGHT ON.

Fulgore: Away from possible threat young child!
Ferra/Torr: I'm little lady!

Fulgore: Energy similar to Gargos...
Kotal Khan: You will fall to me!
Fulgore: Request denied.

If he appears second: Fulgore Plasmaports onto the arena, plasma claws out.

Scorpion: Reveal yourself...
Fulgore: Fulgore Mk. III
Scorpion: I will make you obsolete!

Sub-Zero: Another Lin Kuei abomination?
Fulgore: No, UltraTech.
Sub-Zero: Doesn't matter...

Cassie Cage: Look like a robot from one of dad's movies.
Fulgore: Lower your weapons...
Cassie Cage: Only more annoying.

D'Vorah: State your business knight.
Fulgore: Look for answers.
D'Vorah: You'll only find death...

Ferra/Torr: Big metal man not scary!
Fulgore: Targets; two.
Ferra/Torr: Torr will dent you up!

Kotal Khan: Not flesh nor blood...
Fulgore: Made by UltraTech Cybernetics.
Kotal Khan: Does not matter!

Fulgore: Subject, Kano found

Kano: oh so now they've sent a robot

Fulgore: Fight On


Kano: The Black Dragon could use you

Fulgore: Ultratech created me

Kano: Never mind then

Raiden: You know what they say about thunder and metal

Fulgore: Do tell

Raiden: Don't bother


Fulgore: Engaging Purge Protocall

Raiden: Not good

Fulgore: Fight on

Violence Jack

From: Violence Jack

Alignment Neutral


After the Kanto region of Japan was ravaged by both an volcanic eruption and a earthquake, chaos reigned as both gangs, warlords and psychopaths took over, spreading destruction and abuse all over the land, most notibly by the Slum King. But there is one monster of a man, a Gorilla sized titan with the teeth of a Wolf who wanders the land, protecting those just trying to survive just one more day. His name is Jack, Violence Jack, and now, he's come to Outworld.

Normal Costume-

A more detailed version of his normal look from the manga/anime.


Forward Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Jack grabs the opponent by the leg and swings them around in a circle, throwing them away.
Backwards Throw: Grabbing the opponent, Jack puts the opponent in a suplex grab, slamming them behind him.


Harem Bomber: Adds Jackknife Dash, Downward Jackknife Slash and Healing Roar, Jack's eyes glow yellow.
Evil Town: Adds Jackknife Rip, One Handed Choke and gives a increase in Jackknife damage, Jack's Jackknife and hands are stained in blood.
Hell's Wind: Adds Underground Burst, Jackknife Throw and Air Diving Grab, Jack's eyes glow red and he's partially on fire.

Special Moves-

Jackknife Slash- Jack reaches towards the opponent and slashes the opponent with his jackknife. (Enhanced Version is called "Jackknife Slashes", after slashing the first slash, Jack slashes upward, knocking the opponent in the air for a free hit or combo.)
Violent Combo- Jack comes at the opponent, punching the opponent in the face before elbowing them there too. (Enhanced Version is called "Even More Violent Combo", after the elbow to the face, Jack swings his fists upwards hammer style onto the opponent, knocking them into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Violent Hammerstrike- Jack slams his fists down hammer style, knocking the opponent to the ground hard. (Enhanced version is called "Violent Hammer Throw", after Jack hits the opponent, Jack grabs the opponent and throws them over behind him.)
Jackknife Dash (Only can be done in "Harem Bomber" variation): Jack dashes past the opponent, slashing them in the stomach. (Enhanced Version is called "Back and Forth Jackknife Slash", after the first slash, Jack dashes back, slashing their back in the process.)
Downward Jackknife Slash (Only can be done in "Harem Bomber" variation): Jack slashes down onto the opponent, knocking them to the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Downward Jackknife Slash and Throw", after the slash, Jack stabs the opponent in the chest, throwing them up in the air for a free hit or combo.)
Healing Roar (Only can be done in "Harem Bomber" variation): Jack raises one hand up, roaring in the sky as lightning strikes him, gaining back a small bit of health. (Enhanced version is called "Healing Scream", gains two times the health back.)
Jackknife Rip (Only can be done in "Evil Town" variation): Jack comes towards the opponent, stabbing his jackknife in their head, ripping it out and kicking them away. (Enhanced Version is called "Jackknife Stagger", after ripping out the jackknife, the opponent staggers around, open for a free hit or combo.)
One Handed Choke (Only can be done in "Evil Town" variation): Jack grabs the opponent by the neck with one hand, choking them before throwing them down. (Enhanced Version is called "Shaking One Handed Choke", Jack shakes the opponent with his hand before throwing them.)
Underground Burst (Only can be done in "Hell's Wind" variation): Jack burrows himself into the ground, appearing behind the opponent. (Enhanced Version is called "Underground Burst and Throw", after Jack bursts out, Jack grabs the opponent and throws them into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Air Diving Grab (Only can be done in "Hell's Wind" variation): While in the air, Jack comes down at the opponent, grabbing their head and throws them hard on the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Air Diving Grab And Throw", instead of throwing the opponent on the ground, Jack throws them into the air, open for a free hit or combo.)
Jackknife Throw (Only can be done in "Hell's Wind" variation):- Jack throws his Jackknife at the opponent, knocking the opponent to the ground. (Enhanced Version is called "Spinning Jackknife Chuck", the Jackknife spins towards the opponent, does more damage.)

X-Ray Move-

Welcome to Violence: Violence Jack dashes past the opponent, slicing their neck, making them hold their wound before Jack suddenly throws his Jackknife through the back of their head, bursting out between their eyes as they fall to the ground facefirst, the jackknife being driven up upon impact before Jack rips it out, then stomps down onto their head, cracking the skull up along with breaking various teeth and their nose.


Where The Fuck Is Jack?!: Violence Jack burrows into the ground, the opponent looking around as the ground shakes before Jack bursts out of it to the shock of the opponent before he drives his jackknife into the top of their head, then rips it out, leaving them to stagger in place before Jack slices the opponents head off with his jackknife, rolling on the ground towards the camera as Jack gives a roar to the sky.
Oooh, Nasty: Violence Jack kicks the opponent to the ground and puts his knife away to their surprise as they try crawling back as he kneels down in front of them to grab them by the legs and lift them up, begining to pull on their legs, making the opponent scream in pain before they get partally ripped in two as entrails and blood burst out, Jack throwing their corpse on the ground at the camera, looking down at the corpse

Voice Actor-

Bob Sessions (As Ben Watts)

Babality (If they're in the game)-

Violence Jack takes out his jackknife, but can seem to hold onto it due to it being bigger than him, he gives a angry roar/cry and sits down, not happy at this.

Animality (If they're in the game)-

Violence Jack turns into a glowing golden eagle before flying past the opponent, clawing at their head each time, ripping it to pieces before he turns back to normal.

Friendship (If they're in the game)-

Violence Jack puts away his knife before giving the opponent a copy of the VIolence Jack manga to read as Jack roars into the sky in victory.

Battle Intro-

If he appears first: Jack bursts out of the ground, eyes focused on the opponent, then takes out his jackknife, ready to fight.

Violence Jack: Out of my way demon
Scorpion: To hell with you!
Violence Jack: No, TO HELL WITH YOU!

Violence Jack: Another ninja...
Sub-Zero: State who you are!
Violence Jack: They call me Jack, Violence Jack!

Violence Jack: Kanto could use people like you.
Cassie Cage: That so?
Violence Jack: Right for what's right.

Violence Jack: You're just a cockroach.
D'Vorah: What you gonna do about it?
Violence Jack: Crush you with my foot!

Violence Jack: Remind me of Saurus and Blue.
Ferra/Torr: What happened to them?
Violence Jack: Met the end of my jackknife!

Violence Jack: Another god to kill.
Kotal Khan: What makes you think so?
Violence Jack: I fought the Devil!

If he appears second: A lightning bolt comes down to which Jack appears in place, taking out his jackknife, ready to fight.

Scorpion: I will end you.
Violence Jack: Not the first to say that.
Scorpion: And the last thing you'll hear!

Sub-Zero: You're not from around here.
VIolence Jack: Is that a problem?
Sub-Zero: Only if you make it one.

Cassie Cage: Know what they say about big guys.
VIolence Jack: Do tell.
Cassie Cage: Not gonna like it.

D'Vorah: Entangled in my web i see...
Violence Jack: Gonna rip you leg by leg.
D'Vorah: Just see about that.

Ferra/Torr: Torr go and hurt you!
Violence Jack: That so?
Ferra/Torr: Get him Torr!

Kotal Khan: This dagger will taste your blood!
Violence Jack: Your blood will stain this Jackknife!
Kotal Khan: Let us see...

Vs Quan Chi

VJ: C'mon

Quan Chi: Very well

VJ: Fair warning

Quan Chi: Weakling

VJ: Take that back sorcerer

Quanchi: Never

Kano: G'day mate

Violence Jack: Who are you?

Kano: The name's Kano


Kano: Who are you?

Violence Jack: They call me Jack, Violence Jack.

Kano: Whatever

Raiden: Let's see if thunder is what it takes to stop you.

Violence Jack: I fought Satan himself, what chance do you have?

Raiden: Plenty

Violence Jack: I think you should meet my jackknife

Raiden: Before you do that, you should state your business here.

Violence Jack: To protect those willing to survive

Win pose-

Violence Jack gives a roar into the sky, raising his hand up with a lightning bolt coming down on him, vanishing from the arena before being next seen walking down the ruins of Kanto.


No idea please add your own.

-The reason Bob Sessions (Who played Pettine AKA "The Moon Headed Guy" in "Clive Barker's Nightbreed", really, that was him) is credited as "Ben Watts" is cause that's the anime voiceover alias he used back during the 80, including when he voiced Jack in the English Dubs of the three Violence Jack OVA's.
- Both Jack's Fatalities and X-Ray are based off of the various ways he killed some of the main bad guys from the three OVA's, along with the names of the variations being named after the three OVA's.
-The "Harem Bomber" variant makes Jack more combo based along with giving him a small healing ability, the "Evil Town" variant makes Jack more grapple based along with giving him a damage boost with Jackknife based attacks and the "Hell's Wind" variant makes Jack more zoning based.

Win pose-

Fulgore waves and swings his plasma claws around as some electricity courses through his armor and opens his chest compartment, showing his glowing exposed reactor.


No idea please add your own.

- Fulgore, while having some stuff from his "KI2013" appearance, is more like his "KI" and "KI2/Gold" version with his movelist and personality.
- Fulgore and the "Industrial Warehouse" stage from the original "KI" are Xbox One exclusives (Don't worry, PS4 will get a exclusive fighter and level) while a robotic version of Riptor, along with the arcade machine of the first "KI" make cameo appearances along with having two themes from the game.
- The "Supreme" variant makes Fulgore more melee based, the "Ultra" variant makes Fulgore more projectile based while giving him a move to protect himself from one projectile and the "No Mercy" variant gives Fulgore a damage boost with all special moves for a short while, but can loose more health if hit.

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