My opinions so far
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My opinions so far
04/23/2019 07:40 AM EST

So I got to mess around a little with MK11 and so far I am not as impressed with it as I was with MK9 or MKX. To me the character select screen looks and feels incomplete. It reminds me of the first time I played MK3 where you were missing some roster choices that should have been there but did not get put there until UMK3. We have Kitana and Jade but no Mileena. TO me, I feel as if you need Mileena if you have either of the two available. This is a small example. I am actually missing Frost so far. Unlockable or not?

Servers. I don't need to go too far into detail here. It sucks when you want to play a game but the features you want to access are inaccessible because they are on a server that is constantly down. Why aren't the customization features on the game data and saved to our systems? I can understand having online play being on servers but not features in a game. Hopefully this was only during the initial download. It sucks you cannot access features that you should access just because of a server issue which we have 0 control over.

Lastly the game play and feel of the game for me. The speed of the game seems toned down and the fighters all look like they are fatter than they should be, or perhaps stretched might be a better word. Even with the correct settings on they still look this way. The game play doesn't feel as smooth as the past game. The closest word I can use is chunky. Like you hit a button and it feels like it takes a second before the fighter does what you want them to do.

To me it feels as if Netherrealm rushed this game and through a bunch of characters together to have in the game even though it wasn't rushed. I might eventually find something I like about the game but these are my opinions so far of this game. Perhaps they'll change soon but only "time" will tell.

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RE: My opinions so far
04/23/2019 06:44 PM EST

I’m enjoying the game but I’m not blown away by any means. The slowed down movement is still a bit frustrating but it’s not the worst. I found the roster boring when it was leaked and I still find it boring having the game. I have no interest in the majority of the roster. Overall though the game is enjoyable. 7.5/10 for me.

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