My personal MK11 worries on scorpion
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My personal MK11 worries on scorpion
03/17/2019 04:06 PM EST
I really did enjoy the game it looks beautiful and when you do kombos in the game it feels very rewarding. I personally disslike the fact that scorpion is so unsafe on literally everything. I like how he is not cheap like he could be in mkx and he feels a little more intermediate friendly than beginer but i feel like using scorpion in mk11 you have to work twice as hard to win a battle. Scarlet is quick and has nice range baraka is a power house and scorpion is tricky but very unsafe. All of this will definitely be fixed im sure but i had to get that out the way but regardless im still buying the premium edition because those guys at NRS ROCK!! I have mixed feelings about the speed and mobility they already said that they were going to adjust mobility so thats fine. But i feel like if the speed was faster i would be able to recover faster and connect more hits. Scorpions teleport is cool but i miss it when i could launch an opponent and jump kick into a teleport and recover and continue to kombo on the ground. i just feel like the combo potential could be waaaaaaay more advanced and rediculous with these new enhanced moves krushing blows and mechanics.I love the krushing blows and how they operate i just hope to see more with these kombos because its mk11 stress test and ever scorpion has to press down 1 crouch punch in order to be safe after doing an unsafe string. And everyones combos look the same setup wise. I understand this game is not even out yet but like i said these are my views, i just want this game to be awesome and have amazing different kombos cant wait until the game releases :)!!!
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RE: My personal MK11 worries on scorpion
03/18/2019 08:21 AM EST

Sorry, I'm a Scorpion fan since the beginning and I will be pleasantly shocked if they make him safer or better in anyway in final build. Right now he's got insane combos, decent damage, but is uber-punishably unsafe and high-risk. Apparently from what I've read, he even has GAPS inbetween combo hits where an opponent can hit him out of for a full combo of their own. Scorpion has always been tricky but unsafe. He's easy to play but hard to win with unless you are fighting someone who has no idea what they are doing, lol. You have to be good at READS and mind games to master him and consistently win against players of similar skill level. I'll just be happy if they don't NERF him further in the final build under the misconception that he's better than he is.

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