Nerf & Buff Kharacters ( Balancing )
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Nerf & Buff Kharacters ( Balancing )
10/13/2019 12:48 PM EST
10/13/2019 06:15 PM EST

Introduction: Hi everyone. As you guys know, the latest patch had made some major adjustments to balance as well as giving every Kharacter a 3rd tournament variation. Despite the game being decently balanced overall IMO, there are Kharacters that are clearly a cut above the rest. I am curious, if you was on Mortal Kombat' s balancing team, what buffs or nerfs would you give a Kharacter ? Let me briefly explain the rules and give you an example.

Rules: The rules to this are simple, pick a character you want to rebalance. It can be as many as you like and it is not limited to your main. Nerf & Buff any fighter you think need them. This can include almost anything from general gameplay or to having more / less health etc. Just say the players name and have it. Let me start.....

Sonya Blade

Sonya Blade has been my favorite Mortal Kombat Kharacter ever since Deadly Alliance. ( My first game ) Admittedly, Sonya has been strong in every game typically overshadowing a lot of the kast. This really started picking up traction in Mk9 & lasted all the way up till now. She was always the fast pace, 50/50 mix-ups, high damage, pressure & Kombo machine. Top that off with amazing zoning despite her great up close game. This stayed in Mortal Kombat 11 & then some. Despite the nerfs, she remains one of the best kharacters with only a minor difference. Still has amazing zoning, 50/50, high damage with literally no bars needed. Because I love her & she is my main, I will be nerfing her ( and buffing if needed ). Let's begin !

**Disclaimer** ( I'm going to go in depth, but if you want, keep it simple )

Energy Ring: Sonya has amazing zoning capabilities rivaling Centrion, the main zoner of the game. So, I want to make the End-lag much worse so she can't continuously spam them far giving her an animation that show her composing herself after the blast impact. Same thing applies to the Ex version of the move. Using it up close will now be extremely more riskier and getting in on her and out zoner her will be easier.

Air Control: This move was the thing that truly hit Sonya. I hear a lot of people drop her not because she is bad per se but because she seems to loss her amazing long combo conversions making her seem dull ( I can understand ). But this is not really bad. The splat effect leaves Sonya in a really good position. So I want to keep this. I also love the Air Drop combos too. So I think they should change the Krushing Blow requirements. I would make it so if Sonya gets a combo greater than 6 before enhancing it, you get the krushing blow pop-up instead on counter hit. This will make for dynamic looking combos while keeping the splat effect. It would make it so when you land the combo, it will be so rewarding and satisfying.

Damage: Sonya Blade's dmg in short is too high. I think this is what really makes her good because she is one of the very few kharacters who can do high dmg kombos not only easy but with no bar of meter. rival this with her 50/50 ( especially in the korner ) and you got a character that can take your life bar anywhere, better in the korner. She needs a damage reduction overall & scaling on a lot of her kombos and attacks. In return, I will revert her health back to 1,000 HP ( I really didn't like this change despite it being extremely minor but maybe it's OCD lol ). I think this is fair because a lot of her moves across the board are amazing. without her custom variations, she is still a rather komplete character with extra moves as icing on a cake.

50/50 Mix-ups: The last thing I would change about Sonya is her mix-up. Her primary mix-ups that is affected here is her B+1,2,4 & B+4 ( Overwatch & Shoot and Scoot ). A lot of people say this is really hard to react to and at times I agree. I get that it is suppose to be a mix-up, but I would try to make this more react able by making the second part of both string to be more exaggerated and slower. Make Sonya look more like she is putting more power into the second hit of the overhead so people can guess properly. I feel like this will seriously hurt her but not make her automatic trash. Just easier to deal with really.

Overall, Sonya will still be good, just more tolerable : )

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