New MK11 Video! (Created Content - Seeking Help!)
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New MK11 Video! (Created Content - Seeking Help!)
08/02/2019 12:42 AM EST
08/02/2019 12:45 AM EST

Hello everyone. I had burnt myself out on MK11 a little early, but even while still taking a hiatus from the genre, I still had the urg to create this special MK11 Themed video. I'm known for some of the best MK Tribute type videos from many years ago now (such as MK - Livin in Sin), and this is the first of such type video of my comeback. This time however I plan to expand and use many different sources, yet staying video game related. It is a niche that I once was successful in here in the MK Kommunity, but now as I try to return I am having struggles. First I had to beat a copy right on this video, which I did, but for some reason my video is failing to reach an audience. So I am here to first off present this to you all now the copy right is gone, and also here asking for your help in the way of input and feedback. Much thanks in advance to everyone that takes a few minutes time to enjoy this video :)

FYI: I'm not a new user. Ive had multiple accounts on here and just cant remember any names or passwords lol so I'm just gmailing it. Much love always here though so again thank you.

Sincerely - Icy-X aka Rakarr aka ect.....

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