Next boss, roster and storyline for MKXI
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Next boss, roster and storyline for MKXI
09/18/2015 07:08 PM EST
In the MKX ending scene, Raiden's patience has snapped after seeing his Earthrealm being constantly invaded by the other realms (he became a wraith/revenant after absorbing the poison from the Jinsei, hence why he's wearing a dark costume) and he has warned Liu Kang and Kitana (Netherrealm's new rulers) that he will destroy the other realms if they try to invade Earthrealm, presenting Shinnok's head as an example.

After watching this, I wonder if Raiden becomes the new antagonist/final/arcade boss with Liu Kang and Kitana as sub-bosses similar to Noob Saibot-Smoke in MK Deception. Or if we get someone else as final boss (for example, the mystery lady in Jade's ending).

And as far as the new story line is concerned, I think Raiden establishes a brutal and militaristic regime (possibly securing an alliance with the Shirai Ryu, Orderrealm, Netherrealm, Daegon and the Black Dragon AND encouraging a rebellion in Outworld to weaken them) similar to Injustice Superman while a group of rebels (possibly led by Fujin, Kotal Kahn, Sub-Zero or Cassie Cage or the three of them) try to stop him. Takeda will be split between supporting the Shirai Ryu and Jacqui Briggs, who is a member of this insurgency.

Here is what I hope the roster looks like (faction included):


Cassie Cage (rebel)
Ermac (rebel)
Erron Black (originally rebel, switches to regime after betraying rebels)
Fujin (rebel)
Hotaru (regime)
Jacqui Briggs (rebel)
Kenshi (undecided, possible rebel)
Kitana (sub-boss, playable, regime)
Kotal Kahn (rebel)
Kung Jin (rebel)
Liu Kang (sub-boss, playable, regime)
Noob Saibot (regime)
Raiden (arcade/story mode boss, also the main antagonist & playable, regime)
Rain (regime)
Reptile (rebel)
Scorpion (regime)
Sindel (regime)
Sub-Zero (rebel)
Takeda (undecided, poss. regime)

New Characters:
-Liu Kang & Kitana's child from an alternate dimension
-Kano's son (found in Kano's MKX ending)
-Mystery spirit found originally in Jade's ending in MK9
-Possible Tarkatan similar to Baraka
-Possible new Red Dragon
-Possible sorcerer/alchemist similar to Quan Chi/Shang Tsung

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