Nightwolf? Nightwolf!
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Nightwolf? Nightwolf!
05/31/2019 08:06 PM EST

I know, I know. We're all excited about the Shang Tsung trailer, but I wanna talk Nightwolf!

To me, Nightwolf as DLC is a very pleasant surprise. Now I'm sure a lot of folks are disappointed for the same reason I'm excited; Nightwolf has been kinda lame in the past. I can understand some folks feeling like he's a wasted roster spot because of that, but I tend to tilt the other direction.

I've always felt like Nightwolf has a lot of potential as a character that's never been fully or properly utilized. He got a little bit of development in MK9, but not enough to justify his inclusion beyond it being MK 3 again. Now, in MK 11 I think he has a chance to be more defined; through his tower, combat dialogue, even his customization.

Kotal gave MK a little bit of Meso-American flair with his backstory and style. I think a lot could, tastefully, be done with North American Native style. Nightwolf is supposed to be a kickass enlightened shaman, but we've not gotten nearly enough of him.

I'm sure a lot of you feel differently. I'm excited though and would like to hear thoughts and opinions.

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RE: Nightwolf? Nightwolf!
05/31/2019 08:30 PM EST

While I'm more excited for Sindel and Spawn, I'm glad the leaks seem to be true and Nightwolf is confirmed. There was also speculation that this Nightwolf spirit could be female, and I would be excited either way. Nightwolf was a baddass and I welcome its return.

The team has done a great job on making some of the past characters feel fresh and a lot more fun now by expanding their movesets (Jade, Skarlet, Jacqui). I have no doubt Nightwolf will be awesome. I bet the weapons (axes?) will have some sick gear options. Predictions for Nightwolf's moves would be lightning strike, a shoulder charge, use of a bow, and the rest is anyone's guess. Exciting!

An updated moonbeam fatality would look awesome. The Animality coming back as a fatality would be amazing. They've made Kotal Kahn turn into a cat, so it's not impossible :)

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RE: Nightwolf? Nightwolf!
05/31/2019 09:49 PM EST

All the haters can go screw themselves. Nightwolf deserves more development.

Now, I do hope the rest of the leak is true, and Fujin and Sheeva will eventually get in.

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RE: Nightwolf? Nightwolf!
05/31/2019 10:52 PM EST

Alright, the Kombat Pack trailer gave me a slight chub...

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RE: Nightwolf? Nightwolf!
06/01/2019 02:17 AM EST

I saw that Axe tweet, I couldn't believe it for one second.

I fantasized last night about my old step on the toe to axe-juggle combos of yore.

Nightwolf announced the next day.

I hope they have some variation of him stomping the shit out of them toes.

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RE: Nightwolf? Nightwolf!
06/01/2019 06:37 AM EST
06/04/2019 06:41 AM EST

He's one of my favorite characters, I just hope they give him a cool design instead of trying to remain realistic and faithful.

I also agree he has been a heavily underutilized character and should have probably been the one to supplant Raiden if not Fujin.

Sorry Liu, I love you man but you're better as an ass kicker not a wise sage figure.

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