Official MK Roster page still has six (?)
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Official MK Roster page still has six (?)
08/24/2019 04:30 PM EST

So we know four of those spots will be the next 4 DLC characters.. there won't be any KP2 DLC characters as the status of that is obviously dependant on sales of KP1 - so it's a reasonable assumption that there are two hidden characters within the game :o

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RE: Official MK Roster page still has six (?)
08/25/2019 09:34 AM EST
08/25/2019 09:36 AM EST

I think it's just another mistake of they many mistakes and I believe they are already working on the next KP. My problem is that it seems that this time.they are taking forever to even release info I guess they are getting into the licensing hells. Fuck Terminator fuck Arnold and fuck Ash Williams oh and let's not forget. . fuck the joker.

All I can say is that this game has the worst post release support of all their previous games, worst DLC selections, worst Joker, worst schedules and definitely the worst flow of info to fans yet.

It's sad cause the game and the gameplay is prob the best since MK2 but they fucked it up.

As of now, Samurai Shodown is the fighting game of the year. If Yu Suzuki is making another VF then I'll just forget MK for a while until they :

1) Improve communication with fans

2) Get better DLC selections ( people ask for Rain and Mileena.. give them Rain and Mileena not Joker and Terminator !!! They might be selling better, but the fans are getting tired of not being heard.

3) Monetization screw ups need to be gone.

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RE: Official MK Roster page still has six (?)
08/26/2019 09:20 AM EST

The problem is probably all the customizing involved. Too much unnecessary work has to be put into each character. Personally I can't stand it. Just give as some good premade alt skins like in the past.

Still hopefully for a 2nd kombat pack with rumored Sheeva and Fujin.

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RE: Official MK Roster page still has six (?)
08/26/2019 10:17 AM EST

I have a feeling we will even get the KP3. They said the'll support the game longer than usual and there are 12 spots left to fill that character select screen.

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