post patch erron black
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post patch erron black
08/13/2019 12:45 PM EST

well, besides fatal blow he is only buffed or am I a little behind ?

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RE: post patch erron black
08/13/2019 05:23 PM EST

• Erron Black - Fatal Blow startup is now 18 frames (was 10)

• Erron Black - Scud Shot recovery increased by 5 frames

• Erron Black - Scud Shot Amplified blockstun decreased by 5 frames and projectile travel speed has been slightly reduced

• Erron Black - Rattle Snake Slide Amplified now has 3 more frames of recovery

• Erron Black - Slightly reduced hit region size of the acid pool created by Zatarrean Spit / Rattle Snake Slide Amplified

• Erron Black - Boot Drop Amplified now cannot hit airborne opponents

• Erron Black - Exiting Locked and Loaded stance directly after an attack now requires the player to hold up

• Erron Black - "Rising Stock" attack while in Locked and Loaded stance is now a default move. Cancelling the recovery of "Rising Stock" by leaving Locked and Loaded stance still requires "Enhanced Locked and Loaded" ability.

• Erron Black - Locked and Loaded Unload will no longer face the opponent after the first shot

• Erron Black - Dusty Knuckles (Down + Front Punch) recovery on hit increased by 5 frames, recovery on block/miss increased by 1 frame, hitstun increased by 6 frames

• Erron Black - Low Boot (Down + Front kick) recovery increased by 1 frame, hitstun increased by 4 frames

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