Ps4 Mk11 Trophy Bugged
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Ps4 Mk11 Trophy Bugged
05/19/2019 09:26 AM EST

Hi, first I apologize for my bad English. I'm playing mk11 in ps4, and I've encountered a bug while collecting the game's trophies. I want to do 50 online kasual versus matches, and I did it, but the trophy didn't reach me. I don't known were to report this bug. I'd appreciate it if you could help.

Here is my screenshots

Kasual matches ss:

Trophy list ss:

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RE: Ps4 Mk11 Trophy Bugged
05/19/2019 02:47 PM EST

Same has happened to me. I’ve reported it to WB support on Twitter and via email.

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RE: Ps4 Mk11 Trophy Bugged
06/16/2019 02:21 PM EST

Same problem. Are there any solutions?

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RE: Ps4 Mk11 Trophy Bugged
06/20/2019 02:09 PM EST
06/20/2019 02:10 PM EST

Did you guys ever get it to work? I got this trophy with in the first few days of the game being out. It did not pop for me at first either, so I played several more matches and it eventually popped. I suggest keep playing, it worked for me.

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