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Rate the friendships [To be updated as more roll in]
05/07/2020 06:14 PM EDT
05/07/2020 06:15 PM EDT

-Scorpion's Teddy Bear 7/10 :

Though very straightforward and primitive, it continues to show the soft side of Scorpion's human personality and a funny nod to MK9's Kombat Tower encounter with Milena.

Sub Zero's Ice Cream cart 10/0 :

The way he showed excitement is priceless and it somehow a different yet similar take on his cold personality in the dialogues and the story mode. I like how they went into details with him riding the cart and looking inside it. Very well done. Love it.

Kano's Sausage 9/10 :

This one is hilarious if you know what I mean. The guy was honest and straightforward with Skarlet. He literally meant sausages.

-Noob's robe dance 9/10 :

Many people's favorite for the ones revealed so far, I didn't know he can get two shadows outta him but never the less the set up to the dance is funny and you know he got the moves.

I really love the ones I have seen so far... Very lite hearted with music straight outta the 90s. To me they are far more creative than the fatalities and shine a much needed non violent mix to the game.

Can't wait for more... But if what we have got is a clue, we are in for a treat.

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