Should MK11 be made with unique characters in mind?
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Should MK11 be made with unique characters in mind?
03/17/2015 12:29 PM EST
Unique like Motaro.

Ever since MK4, MK games have always been made with humanoid characters in mind, those without extra limbs of course. Goro had almost always been added later in a game (early Arcade versions of MK4 didn't have him) until MK9, and even then, he and the other Shokan's lower arms were always ignored during throws, x-rays or fatalities.

Should that finally change in MK11? Should they plan gameplay for the likes of Motaro in advance, so that everyone has unique X-rays, fatalities and even mere throws to use on them? Like arm-ripping fatalities tweaked so that a Shokan's lower arms also get mutilated.

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RE: Should MK11 be made with unique characters in mind?
03/19/2015 10:28 AM EST
I assuming that MKX would have the tech to support Motaro,especially the 2.5 game play makes me guess Motaro would be easier to incorporate.I would also love to see some new beastly kombatants such as a giant mutated bee from the Fallout series or a huge Lycan wolf.

A lot of people always hated on Sheeva or just didn't like her UNIQUE fighting style but I think some people just couldn't adjust to her because I'm a BEAST with Sheeva...

So yea,I wouldn't mind seeing unique beastly monsters in MK11 and hey...we might even see Motaro make a playable and four legged fighter in MKX.
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RE: Should MK11 be made with unique characters in mind?
03/21/2015 09:20 AM EST
How to handle a few other different character-types.

Small characters like an individually playable Ferra (or Conker, one of my most wanted guests): The projectiles of taller characters should automathically be aimed lower. They (the tall characters) should get a stomping attack to use on the smaller ones when standing close to them, and when running at them, the ability to kick them across the arena or knock them down with one punch. Most combos wouldn't be doable on them, but they'd take the most damage, so hitting them once or twice should be damaging enough. Only a small character could do combos on another one.

Smaller characters shouldn't be able to throw heavier characters, but they could compensate for it by tackling them or climbing them in order to hit them in their upper body. Another advantage should be being able to run right between the opponent's legs.

Baraka (and/or other Tarkatans): He should have a greater sense of smell, making invisibility useless against him. Arm-grabbing throws and specials should hurt whoever attempts them on him, with a few exceptions like Jax because of his metallic hands.

Shokan grappling move or X-Ray when fighting one another: They grab their opponent's lower arms with their lower hands, the upper arms with their upper ones, break their arms then headbutt them.

Another would be to grab the upper arm, and the lower one, and dislocate both at the same time.

That's it for now.
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RE: Should MK11 be made with unique characters in mind?
07/22/2015 02:28 PM EST
With ninjas losing the masks, on the whole and in variations more nowadays, I see it as part of the ninjas growth into their own visually distinctive appearance and is something that will set them apart from each other, hereafter. If MKX is anything to go by, you should see erstwhile ninjas unmasked in new MK's and I welcome that now. This is the unerring route for the roster because former ninjas need to modify for MK to expand. Looks will reflect the fighters mien as MK advances and then most will no longer be known as ninjas.
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