So NRS copied Battlefront 2’s progression system...
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So NRS copied Battlefront 2’s progression system...
04/23/2019 04:04 PM EST

I posted in a thread yesterday that i was all good with paying a fee to just unlock everything in the krypt. This was before i had played the game for 7hrs last night.

This is nothing personal against the people at NRS they all seem cool and passionate about what they do for a living, all good. BUT it comes down to business and money exchanging hands and what both party’s are receiving in a goods exchange.

To start off with i load up the $100 premium edition last night was excited about the 7 skins the ad said it included. Wondering maybe ill get a cool exclusive one for D’Vorah and maybe Erron Black to....7 johnny cage mime skins all the same outfit different colors....that’s what my $100 dollar investment up front got me. So I blow it off thinking whatever ill get the other outfits soon enough.

7 hours into story mode later and all the characters in the select screen still have jack squat as far as alternate costumes. And hell if i know how to get them. I spent 20min in the krypt opening chests that just gave me more money to open more chests...but there’s also a level to pull to reset all the chests to open more chests.

I open this store front that has has added to the game just wanting to buy the krypt unlock...But no! The only thing that’s in there is items from the chests that you can find anything in. It’s Mortal Kombat Casino Edition...It’s Battlefront 2 all over again but made worse somehow.

The loyal customers have been taken advantage of here and the whole system needs to be stripped out just like Battlefront 2 and redone.

After what’s been happening with all these other companies with the unfinished games/micro transaction anger do you go and copy Battlefront 2’s progression system...It’s just mind blowing.

And I don’t want to be pissed because its my favorite company/game series, But this is ridiculous imo.

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