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Steam tags
03/10/2019 06:17 PM EST

Hello guys,i post this topic here because i think is probably the last safe place. Like reddit and gamefaq delete everything if someone mentions about the female body type in the game,pure censorship. So back to my point,have you noticed from all the steam tags about mk 11? there are 2 tags that seem off and they are "cute" and "sexual content" like how do we have these tags when from all the revailed females they are covered from head to toe,and share the same flat body types. Could this tags mean that we may get the boobs and fanservice that so many people want? Is there a hope? Can we atleast have one thick sexy female character?

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RE: Steam tags
03/13/2019 08:07 AM EST

Steam tags are user generated.

Sadly, voluptuous bodies are never coming back.

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RE: Steam tags
03/13/2019 11:17 AM EST

The tag could be referring to any kind of sexual content, like Johnny Cage's inevitable dick jokes or other sexual references in dialogue. If characters like Skarlet have sexually suggestive traits, that also counts. Doesn't need to be partial nudity to be "sexual."

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