Still stuck in krypt
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Still stuck in krypt
06/02/2019 05:39 PM EST

come on and fix where Boulders fall I cannot get to Ermac’s Amulet please fix already !!!!!!!!

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RE: Still stuck in krypt
06/03/2019 09:32 AM EST
06/03/2019 05:36 PM EST

You use the amulet to move the boulders. The amulet is not hidden behind boulders - just walk up to Ermac and take it. Approach the glowing boulders afterward and push the button it tells you to.

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RE: Still stuck in krypt
06/03/2019 04:23 PM EST

I honestly don't know if he's trolling or not, but he seems to think that this is a direct line to WB Tech Support.

Well, you all got your Tremor now. Can we finally move on?
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