The best AI fighters to use in AI battles and/or in the ToT
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The best AI fighters to use in AI battles and/or in the ToT
08/04/2019 11:11 PM EST

A lot of the fighters in the current roster can become absolute BEASTS when the right AI settings are applied, but there are a few that are definitely a cut above the rest. Some fighters absolutely dominate when configured correctly, while others do well only most of the time.

That being said, who are your picks for the best AI fighters to use in AI battles? ToT? Is the list the same for either or are they different depending on what you're using them for?

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RE: The best AI fighters to use in AI battles and/or in the ToT
08/06/2019 10:33 AM EST

best onces are Sonya and Noob Saibot in my opinion. but i saw great AI fighters as Baraka or Kotal Kahn. my AI team is Sonya, Noob and Raiden (as he is my main). i dont play AI Battles anymore as they give only shit on winning such as gold and hearts. still miss some Skins and Gear, but its boring to watch 5 battles, even if i win them all, and dont get skins/gear, when there still are some to get...

for Towers of Time, on PC, i rarely use AI fighter, trying to do all with Raiden and Sub-Zero myself. at the begining of the MK11 launch i used Sonya for ToTs. but on Switch i use AI for Towers a lot, i am lame playing on Switch, its not like gamepad on PC/console. and i mostly play Switch MK11 in work, so let the AI do it :)

have one loadout of fighters for AI Battles, one loadout for single player AI, with different Augments and ability points.

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