The Future of MK11 (through datamining) - Spoilers, obviously
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The Future of MK11 (through datamining) - Spoilers, obviously
03/27/2020 02:55 AM EST

So seen some stuff being found in the files by other individuals, namely on Twitter, and haven't seen it brought up here yet. Been lurking for quite some time, waiting for more MK stuff to drop, some now is as good a time as any to come back out of hiding.

First things first, I guess; KP2. Let's get the obvious out of the way; Fujin, Sheeva and Ash Williams are still coming and are still in the files (even with Ash recently being accidentally confirmed via NRS marketing). A character that is also in the files in ROB. If you didn't know, the character file names are only three letters long. Speculation is pegged down to either Robots (the cyborgs) or Robocop (another guest). There is no confirmation in the files as to who this individual is. As for any other characters, there were two other files of interest found; two cinematics of some sort for Stryker and Takeda.

The only other thing of note that is new is this; there are 42 actual character slots in the game. If you were to add everything up, that would lead to five more possible characters after two full six character Kombat Packs. 42 would also be, funny enough, a full square on the select screen. Also, as the dataminer also pointed out, all of NRS' other titles had pre-determined character slots pre-launch, there were never extras leftover.

So just little tidbits. There is also the fact that a new version of MK11 was just found on steam today; "Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Edition." Perhaps this will be a new stand-alone version of the game, and the Aftermath whatever will be an additional download and charge for the rest of us that already own the game.

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RE: The Future of MK11 (through datamining) - Spoilers, obviously
03/27/2020 03:40 AM EST

Yeah if that three letter reference turns out to be the guest you mentioned, I’ll be severely disappointed. What an utter waste. The character isn’t remotely relevant currently, and while there was a game that ties him to another guest a long time ago, is there really a big memberberry nostalgia hard on for that game? Plus, if the stuff about one of the returning characters turns out to be true that’s two more gun characters on top of Terminator, Spawn, Jax, Joker, Cassie and Erron Black. Yikes.

So of those six possible, I’d be happy with the two non-trilogy returnees, rather indifferent to the two trilogy returnees, and not at all interested in the guests. I wouldn’t hate them. I’m happy they’re not horror villains, but I’m at the point where I’d be psyched if those three letters implied Hydro or another new cyborg, relatively okay with Cyrax or Sektor, though I’m already sick of the sheer amount of MK3 in this game, but yeah, any of that is better than such a weak guest.

Apologies for sounding so negative. It just gets tiring watching them refresh certain trilogy characters that I never cared for the first few times around while plenty of other characters with cool concepts or ideas are disregarded because NRS apparently views the 3D era as this horrible dark period that nothing good happened in except for Kenshi and Quan Chi.

As much flak as Kittleson takes on here, he loved getting his hands on some of the 3D era characters for the MKX comic and I think he did really well with characters like Reiko and Havik. I’m not sure why more people at NRS proper aren’t as interested in taking up that kind of challenge.

But I digress. Naturally, if there is a KP3 with five more character spots, I’d love to see the 3D era actually get some love. Sareena, Kai, Reiko, Nitara, Li Mei, Mavado, Drahmin, Kira, Havik, Hotaru, Ashrah... Plenty of compelling options to choose from.

My ideal pack three would be Sareena, Kung Jin, Tasia, Reiko-Havik (as a single slot) and Mileena. Not really a Mileena stan but those fans have been begging for so long. Plus she’d sell.

Of course, assuming they’d add one or two more guests, I’d shed Kung Jin and Tasia. Not a fan of guests, but if I had to pick two, I’d say The Crow, which always seems to be on the verge of having some movie reboot come together, and Kain & Raziel. Okay, so they’re not relevant right now. Fine. Maybe a Killer Instinct character for Xbox owners, Sweet Tooth for PS owners and Nintendo and PC get Doom Guy? Yay more guns lol.

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