The Krypt is the most broken aspect of MK11
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The Krypt is the most broken aspect of MK11
09/10/2019 11:50 AM EST

Mortal Kombat 11 has some nice aspects but I believe its biggest drawback is the Krypt. The Krypt in my opinion, hence the subject line, is the most broken aspect of MK11. Since it is so randomized and it is nearly impossible to be able to get what you want or what you need out of any chest whether or not you reset them after opening them all. Also the Kronika Orbs are also so random there is no guarantee you will get what you want or need out of them either. The Krypt Events were nice but could have been better to let us know through the game rather than just through Twitter or other social media. We get news feeds all the time about other game content, why not let us know about in-game events. At least they informed us on this week's appreciation week which really isn't that much of an appreciation.

Going back to the Krypt I've still got two or three doors to get through that have trapped soul vaults and if those possibly contain a skin, gear piece or something I've been needing there is no way to get to them because I've still not been given any more skeleton keys and I've rest chests going on now 20 times and I've even reset the entire krypt once and all I get out of anything is now either konsumables or augments and the augments are really far apart. Can we please have an appreciation week where we get things the game is refusing to or glitching and not being able to give us items. Funny thing for me is that I never got the 2nd Kronicka Gold Vault and I'm in the Krypt 3 to 4 times every day and it never appeared behing Goro's throne. Was my game glitched? Last thing is why is the Kollector still not trading items for me? I've got the items to trade for certain skins and gear I don't have but odd thing is, he doesn't want to trade?

I hope they do something to help people out who don't have the items they need or want because the Krypt just isn't giving it to us. Anyone else have any glitches or issues with the Krypt similar to the ones I've described?

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RE: The Krypt is the most broken aspect of MK11
09/12/2019 03:41 PM EST

I think it's fun, it's not perfect but I like going in there every once and a while and getting some more progression. I wish it was less RNG based, but I've gotten a lot of great augments from it. I actually made a guide for augments and ranked some of the cooler ones, like how Kollector can heal himself from doing special moves. Check it out

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