Top 10 Mortal Kombat Characters
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Top 10 Mortal Kombat Characters
05/23/2020 06:04 AM EDT
01/08/2021 06:34 AM EST

Who are your top 10 characters from the Mortal Kombat games and why? Any 10 from any Mortal Kombat game ranging from MK 1 through MK 11. It can be based on anything from back story, character development, moves, appearance, etc. So many characters to choose from, but here's what I've been able to narrow mine down to:

1. Kitana

Kitana's back story of betrayal is a very appealing hero's journey from blindly following because of childhood brainwashing to becoming a leader and stepping into her own personal power. She doesn't waver in her integrity or drive. Her cosmetic appearance has always looked good from MK2 through MK 11 and has evolved with her character development. Her move set always impressive and the fans are by far my favorite non-traditional weapon. Kitana shows us we can question what we are raised to believe is true and thrive in the face of lies.

2. Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion

Scorpion was originally my favorite when MK1 came out. The spear was cool, the yellow color for a ninja outfit was cool and the fire fatality was cool. Much character development since then has made him more appealing, as much as I enjoyed the first era of Scorpion, I much prefer the Hanzo Hasashi era. Hanzo's journey through vengeance driven rage and later cooling down and coming to terms with the murder of his family and clan make him very relatable as well. Scorpion shows us how we can deal with the heat of rage and learning to smolder the flames while taking care of business.

3. Liu Kang

The Chosen One. A character on the ultimate heroes journey. Liu Kang's accountability and integrity are second to none in the MK lore and I like that he is very modest, yet confident in his abilities and convictions. His back story doesn't seem to be what drives the character as much as what's in front of him and who he is destined to be due to the Shaolin path he has taken. Liu Kang shows us we can stay humble while still being precise with living in pursuit of who we really are, and then actualizing it. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

4. Jade

Jade is said to be a stone of wisdom and purity. I find the character to be much like that. A 'right hand woman' to Kitana and a loyal advisor to a true leader. Jade is the person who is behind the scenes keeping things together as a strong 'number two'. Her loyalty to her best friend, leader, realm and boyfriend is admirable. Her sassiness and confidence are razor sharp and by far my favorite in the franchise. She can beat your ass and insult you with class all at once. The addition of the Kotal relationship back story made her more interesting. Her cosmetic appearance and weapons have always been great. Jade shows us we all have a role to fulfill. Some of us aren't meant to be at the top as leaders, but we are still essential in the success of those leaders. We can be sharp, witty, loyal and brutal when needed all at once.

5. Sonya Blade

Sonya's "take no prisoners" approach is what appeals to me. I'm not a fan of military types with the macho false bravado alpha personality in fantasy or real life, but the more layers they expose with Sonya it shows her drive and softness underneath all of the bravado that makes her such a great character. The moves are some of my favorite throughout the franchise(especially in 11), the cosmetics have always been good. Sonya shows us we can benefit from taking a step back to look closer at our beliefs and convictions and to take it easy in life, but when duty calls to kick ass and not negotiate with evil.

6. Sindel

I prefer the original Sindel character before the retcon, and I didn't mind when she was brought back as a revenant but I must admit they did a good job with her as a villian with the retcon as well. The original version of Sindel I enjoy that she is a loving mother to her child, doing what she thinks is best to protect her child from evil. Simple as that. Her moves and cosmetics have always been great and a lot of fun. The evil retcon of her is also really powerful as she has more depth than some of the lesser villains. The concept that she's this evil master mind behind this whole thing with her warrior brutal yet dumbass meathead husband makes her that much more appealing as a villain. She's the hand that rocks the cradle. The original Sindel shows us what it means to be a parent that loves their child and fights for what is in the best interest while having to live in a reality of making incredibly tough decisions.

7. Mileena

Mileena was the first villain character in MK that I enjoyed playing. Her character design and back story are a lot of fun. The idea of her being a crossbred clone with DNA from someone with the qualities of Kitana and the savage cannibal Baraka makes for a really interesting base. I think in many ways her teeth behind the mask make her the coolest unexpected surprise within the entire franchise. I remember the first time I seen her without the mask and saw those teeth, unforgettable. I like that her story is one born of evil always feeling inferior to Kitana yet at the same time not really giving a shit and just lusting after power. Everything about her is very well written. I do have a soft spot for the way she was birthed and also why she was birthed. Mileena shows us what happens when we lust after power and live in the shadows of an inferiority complex and how much energy is wasted on that.

8. Skarlet

I wish Skarlet would be given a more central part of the MK story, but what little we have of her back story I like. It's plain and simple: someone growing up under horrible life conditions sells their soul to regain some sense of false power and to survive. Skarlet's story isn't as original and unique as Mileenas but its a path that many people are put on against their will and choose to step into the dark just like she has rather than find a lasting solution. She's a character I have empathy for and can relate to in a way I can't with some of the other dark side characters. Her moves in MK 11 are amazing, the character design in 11 is a huge improvement over MK 9. Skarlet shows us what happens when we take our free will during horrible circumstances and sell our soul as a solution to the problem, and what happens as a result of doing so. She's the MK poster child for the saying "You always have a choice".

9. Cassie Cage

Cassie was my favorite new character in MKX and she's a perfect blend of Sonya and Johnny. I like that she has the Hollywood privilege vibe going on yet at the same time she's worked for her position and is a total badass. Her sarcasm, witty humor and confident arrogance make her a lot of fun. She was a great choice to be the Shinnok Slayer and is a character that lives up to her parents legacy. Cassie shows us we can be confident, playful and brutal when needed.

10. Nightwolf

Nightwolf embodies all of the things I love about tribal era Native American culture. HIs back story of finding purpose by dedicating himself to the Matoka by becoming Nightwolf is a story of service and sacrifice with purpose. Always great weapons and cosmetics. Nightwolf shows us we can be of service to others when its on a path that we are comfortable with and passionate about.

These are my top 10 in the history of Mortal Kombat. There's a lot of characters to choose from...who are your top 10?

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RE: Top 10 Mortal Kombat Characters
05/30/2020 12:49 PM EDT

1. Tanya(always been, always will)

2. Mileena

3. Sindel

4. Skarlet

5. Kintaro(PLEASE, NOMORE GORO, Whose been over-used and over-rated just because he is original... I HATE goro, though I may be the only one... And proud...)

6. Jacquie Briggs

7. Scorpion

8. Sektor

9. Fujin

10. Jax(WITHOUT GUNS, aka PRE MKDA version)


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RE: Top 10 Mortal Kombat Characters
06/12/2020 12:29 AM EDT
06/12/2020 12:47 AM EDT

1. Sub-Zero - For some reason I always pick him first in every game and he's always been one of my go to characters when I play online. I just love his move list, his look, and his story is awesome. So Sub-Zero is my #1 for that reason.

2. Johnny Cage - He was always either loved or hated, for me I love the character. His move set his satirical view of Hollywood and just being a classic character I always loved having him in a MK game. When he's not part of the roster the game does feel a bit empty. By MK9 I feel like the developers of MK were aware of this and gave him much needed development that he's been lacking for years. I feel like MK11 is the perfect depiction of the character and they allowed this character to mature and have a family. Plain and simple Cage is awesome.

3. Kung Lao. In MK9 this character was beast. I love his look and his combos, he is a hard hitting fast type character and I pissed off a lot of people when I played as him. I liked how badass Kung Lao looked in MK2 and MK3, he was like this Shaolin version of Clint Eastwood, I always imagined him being a serious brooding character in MK2 who was resentful towards Liu Kang because his victory in MK1 caused his temples to be attacked, and then wound up becoming more forgiving and friendlier with him in MK3. Only thing I can say that I'm not a fan of is how they constantly depict him as this arrogant side kick who only wants to be better than Liu Kang, he dosen't bring anything to table in the story mode except for that. Hopefully in the future they depict him like they did during MK2 - MK: DA

4. Scorpion - I always thought of him as the Mickey Mouse of MK, he's the icon and for the longest time I never really played or mained him until MK11. Scorpion was always badass and had the coolest look but his story was pretty stale. All the way up until deception his story was insert this character to get revenge on. It wasn't until MKX where he appealed to me. Once he became human again and had a purpose to mingle with the rest of the characters is when he interested me. Can't go wrong with a hellspawn.

5. Raiden - Iconic hat, lighting movies, and the character I lost to the most because of my cousin. Raiden is just a classic irreplaceable character. Even though he's depicted as an oaf in the story mode that gets everyone killed. I loved Christopher Lambert's portrayal of him in the movies he wasn't cheesy in that one. Raiden turning dark in Deception was a cool twist for him and the dark raiden look is cool. I don't think we'll ever see a Mortal Kombat game without Raiden in it and I'm totally okay with that.

6. Liu Kang - Was my #1 back when I was a kid because he was the main guy in MK1 and MK2. Plus he was super easy to use. In MK3 I picked him alot because he had the easiest combos. I love how Liu Kang was represented in the movies, he ran away from his destiny first before he accepted it. I just wish they showed that in the games. Liu Kang was looked at like a goodie two shoes until MK:DA where they shockingly killed him and didn't make him playable in that game. The Zombie version of him was tacky and I like that they had him as a revenant but I'll always pick a classic MK2 looking Liu Kang any day.

7. Shang Tsung - I absolutely love that they had the actor who played him in the movie motion capture him for the game. He is the perfect bad guy, he lives to be thousands of years old by the consumption of conquered souls. can shift into anybody and is decieving, witty, charming, and cunning. He's the best bad guy in Mortal Kombat hands down.

8. Jax - Jax has always been a favorite, I've always kicked ass with him online and there's just something to satisfying when you hear his metal arms bash against something. Gotcha grab is one of the most iconic moves and he's a classic character. I hope to see him in many games to come.

9. Sonya - The OG female character, tough as nails, who started off wanting nothing to do with the tournament but wound up becoming one of Earth's most representative heroes. Sonya has a variety of awesome moves, it was cool that Rhonda Rousey did her voice acting but damn, she needs to step her game up. Sonya is one of the main hero's of this game franchise.

10. Kitana - I think Kitana has the personality of a cardboard box but she has such an awesome look, and her fans are iconic. Kitana is the best juggle character I feel and when someone uses her right they are getting off some serious combos. She has a great storyline and is a perfect character to bridge and connect different characters together. I like how they made her the next Kahn of Outworld. Would love to see where that goes.

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