Top Ten Combos!
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Top Ten Combos!
09/12/2019 03:44 PM EST

What are your max damage combos in MK11? I tried to rank the deadliest combos I could find while still being more on the practical side. Is there any worthwhile combos that I missed? How much damage can Kano do anyway? What's the absolute highest damage combo now that Geras is nerfed?

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RE: Top Ten Combos!
09/27/2019 07:22 AM EST

So far my Liu Kang high combo still works and is pretty damaging. I believe it is about 21 to 22 hits. You will need to have his Low Fireball to get the last hit.

3, 3, 3, Dash Forward, 4, 4, 3, Bicycle Kick Amplified Twice, Low Fireball

The Low Fireball must be thrown as soon as the opponent is knocked to the ground. If timed right it will hit them right as they try to get up and the game gives you that last extra hit.

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