Which Previous Endings do you want in MK11?
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Which Previous Endings do you want in MK11?
02/05/2019 01:53 PM EST

Which Mortal Kombat Endings (Mostly from 9 and X, but older is also possible) do you hope will be featured in MK11? And why?
It can also be just a part of the ending of course.
Here are my picks:


Liu Kang = I like the thought of Liu Kang becoming the God of Fire and Earthrealm protector together with Raiden and Fujin when he finally overcomes this revenant bullcrap.

Kung Lao = I hope Kung Lao is actually a incarnation of the Great Kung Lao and that will save his soul from being a revenant.

Ermac = I love that King Jerrod is a part of Ermacs body, this could hold many interesting plots, but I don’t want ERmac to be a goodguy though...

Jade = I do not hope Kronika/Dream Woman took over Jade, but I would like Jade to be one of Kronika’s minions.

Nightwolf = Half of Nightwolfs soul becoming a lycanthrope would be awesome, he can’t control this lycanthropy of course and sometimes his own allies must battle him.

Cyrax = I want Cyrax to become good and a part of the Special Forces.

Noob = I love the team-play with Havik, they suit together!

Smoke = I would like for Smoke to step away from his old storyline and ninja-looks and be more like a smoke demon.

Sonya = That father spirit could be some cool plot in the story, maybe the spirit is an illusion and brings Sonya into trouble.

Kano = I love that Kano can use it’s cybernetic eye to hack machines, I hope they play with that!

Kabal = I love that doctor from his ending, and I would love to see that Kabal in MKX.


Reptile = It would be interesting if Reptile found more of his kin! Or that Shang Tsung creates a partner for him for his loyalty, but then he commands the new Raptor to kill and replace Reptile, giving Reptile more story.

Mileena = IN this way my favorite Mileena can’t die so easily, I don’t like it as an army though, but more like reincarnation, everytime Mileena dies a new clone will rise with her soul in it. Of course Shang Tsung is the mastermind behind it.

Kotal Kahn = I would love another tournament!

Johnny Cage = I love his ending, I hope this vain character searches for eternal Edenian life, makes sense, and the Shang Tsung temple is in the game!

Kano = I would like a Kano-Son in the game, but a very nasty one, that doesn’t side with Kano or the Goodguys.

Jacqui = The only way to turn Jacqui cool is to make her corrupted/special/non-human with that strange skull she found in her ending.

Erron Black = I can dream right? I want those kids dead, at least Jacqui and Cassie.

Ermac = Cool way to bring Shang Tsung back + Ermac could be an slave/ally of Shang Tsung. Merging this with the Jerrod soul ending from MK9 would be even cooler.

Now for you guys!

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