who we need for a dlc
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who we need for a dlc
05/13/2020 02:34 PM EST

I think Sans Undertale should be added as a dlc like Leatherface was in XL. He has a great potental for fatalities with his gaster blaster and the sharp bones he throws. The character needs a little more more recognition. Sure he may seem overpowered at first but thats how most dlc characters are in the games. I want to see some epic attacks from him and just as a opening dialogue tell their opponent that they're gonna have a bad time.

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RE: who we need for a dlc
05/13/2020 03:21 PM EST
05/13/2020 03:35 PM EST

Maybe in MK12. Think DLC is done after this small-scale KP2 from Aftermath.

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