Battle of Armageddon: Body Count
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Battle of Armageddon: Body Count
08/12/2013 05:52 AM EDT

Okay, so in a fit of massive boredom I thought I’d go through the Armageddon intro and the Story Mode Intro of MK2011 and try to compile a list of casualties from the Battle of Armageddon.

In some cases, it is pretty clear who killed who (Kung Lao, Baraka) in others it is not (Sonya, Cage) so I’ll be doing a little bit of guesswork. I also figure that if somebody suffers an injury which could be fatal, generally being knocked off the Pyramid at a high altitude and we don’t see them again, it was fatal and in general if someone gets nailed with something and we don’t see them again, I’ll call that

Finally, I know I am totally overthinking all of this and the devs did most of it for a bit of dramatic presentation but fanboyism is what fanboyism is. Anyway, off we go

Li Mei, stabbed by Hotaru. This one is fairly simple: as soon as the Forces collide, Li Mei gets impaled on Hotaru’s Naginata, lifted up and slammed down. A full body impalement with a Naginata seems pretty fatal and as we don’t see her again, I’m calling this one.

Jax, smashed by Shao Kahn. As Jax punches out Quan Chi’s skeletons, he is nailed from behind with Kahn’s hammer. As we don’t see Jax again, I’m calling this one

Reiko, smashed by Shao Kahn. We only see Reiko three times once the Battle begins and all three times he is being beaten by Shao Kahn. The third time, we see him fly through the air and we don’t see him again.

Hotaru, appears broken in two. We don’t see this until the MK2011 Story Mode Intro, but Hotaru is totally absent from the Pyramid and we later see him slain on the ground before the Pyramid. The way he is lying indicates a broken back or impalemet. This could be done by anyone: the only character with a Fatality which centres around breaking backs is Cage but Jax has traditionally shown an aptitude for it.

Jarek and Kai hit by the Pyramid. This blow sends them flying and we don’t conclusively see either one again: Jarek may or may not be fighting Kung Lao at a later stage but certainly in the case of Kai, it would appear this sends them flying

Sektor, smashed by Shao Kahn. This is Sektor’s only appearance in the Battle

Bo Rai Cho, by Sheeva, later seen dead on the Pyramid. Bo initially is punched to the Ground by Sheeva after he pukes a little while up the Pyramid and we see him dead in the beginning of MK2011 Story.

Cyrax, by Sheeva, later seen dead on the Pyramid. Cyrax is initially thrown off by Sheeva but we late, in MK2011 see him smashed against the Pyramid wall. I imagine this was a choice made for dramatic tension as we ascend the Pyramid as the alternate explanation is him reaching the same spot where he was thrown off and then being killed again.

Noob, smashed by Shao Kahn. I think we see Noobs body in the beginning of MK2011, across from Reptile’s corpse. I can’t think of who else it would be.

Ermac, by Sheeva as we next see him as Shang Tsung. We seem Ermac being throttled by Sheeva and soon after see his corpse on the ground and the next time we see him he is later revealed to have been Shang Tsung morphed, so it seems likely that he was killed.

Nightwolf, by Sheeva. We see his body in the beginning of the MK2011 Story Mode, in the same place where Sheeva was choking him and Ermac.
Sheeva, stabbed by Kenshi and shot by Nightwolf's Arrow

Kabal, seen dead on the Pyramid. We have no real idea who killed Kabal. The last time we see him in the Battle, he is running up the Pyramid and is pushed to the floor of the Pyramid by Rain but we have no real idea who killed him.

Frost, knocked off the Pyramid by Sub Zero.

Smoke, smashed by Shao Kahn

Kenshi, stabbed by Quan Chi later seen dead on the Pyramid. We see his body in the MK2011 Story Mode Intro, very noticeably in the same place.

Quan Chi, thrown off the Pyramid by Shang Tsung as Ermac, later seen dead on the Pyramid. Although Quan Chi is thrown off the Pyramid, we see his body near the top of the Pyramid in the MK2011 Story Mode. Similar to Cyrax, I imagine this was a choice made to heighten the drama.

Stryker, Kano, Kobra, Tanya, Dairou and Rain, blasted by Shang Tsung. All of these characters are blasted off by Shang Tsung and we don’t see any of them again. As it was a fairly powerful explosion and fairly high up the Pyramid, I’m content to rule them all dead. Sub Zero is blasted off too but he must survive in order to later stab Scorpion who we see running up the Pyramid moments later and thus cannot be dead yet.

Onaga, by Shao Kahn. Onaga flies off with Shao Kahn and initially we all presumed this meant that Onaga would kill Shao Kahn but as Shao returns to win the Battle, he must have defeated Onaga: as Shao is unlikely to simply incapacitate such a deadly rival when he could simply crush his skull with the hammer, I am content to say that Onaga was killed by Shao Kahn.

Mileena, knocked off the Pyramid by Shang Tsung, later seen dead on the Pyramid in the MK2011 Story Mode Intro

Shujinko, knocked off the Pyramid by Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung, by Liu Kang. Later seen dead on the Pyramid in the MK2011 Story Mode Intro.

Liu Kang, seen dead on the Pyramid. We see Liu’s corpse on the steps near the top of the Pyramid but we have no idea who killed him a second time. His body shows no identifying marks, but the only people we know who reached the top of the Pyramid after he got to that point (as we can see Scorpion and Shinnok running up to the top when Liu kills Sang Tsung) were Shao Kahn and Raiden, so one of them is probably correct, as Liu apparently never reached the top of the Pyramid.

These fatalities could only have occurred after the battle or off the Pyramid. This is because we see all of these characters running up the Pyramid in the background of fights. Obviously, the devs probably never intended for anyone to do an accounting style check like this, but we can assume that they were knocked off the Pyramid, or chased a rival or helped an ally and were slain on the ground.

Kung Lao, by Shinnok. We see Kung in the very far off distance while Liu kills Tsung. Shinnok we see near the top of the Pyramid in the same seen, but it is reasonable to assume a fallen God could survive being knocked off the Pyramid and slew Kung when he challenged him.

Possibly Kitana. The Arm that appears beside Kung Lao is female and wearing a blue wristband, so I cannot think of who else it could be.

Sonya, torn in two. We see Sonya running up the Pyramid with Reptile while Liu kills Tsung, far off in the background, at a height where she could be knocked down and survive. Several characters have used this fatality throughout history: Kira, Sub Zero, Johnny Cage, Mileena. It cannot be Mileena as she is already dead, Sub Zero seems unlikely, Kira’s version involved knives to the feet and Sonya’s feet are not injured, so I have to conclude that Sonya was killed by Cage. This may make sense, as possibly Johnny, obsessed with the power of Blaze, lured Sonya down by screaming for help only to finish her.

Scorpion, stabbed by Sub Zero's Kori Blade. Although we do see Scorpion knocked to the ground by Sub Zero before the Pyramid arises, we later see him running close to the top, so he must have been finished after that.
Baraka, sliced in two by Kung Lao. This one is fairly simple

Cage, decapitated. The only character with a Fatality involving decapitation which leaves the head intact and doesn’t mutilate the body is Cage himself. Even the way he is lying, with his body on its front with his head behind him would indicate that it was uppercutted off his shoulders, a la MK1 Cage.

Reptile, shown missing an arm. We see Reptile running with Sonya while Liu kills Tsung but later see his body. I cannot think of a Fatality which only removes one arm

Blaze, presumably killed by Shao Kahn as he has his power

Raiden, killed by Shao Kahn at the beginning of The Armageddon

If they were last seen battling a character who we see later on, or instance
Havik against Mileena, it may be safe to assume they were killed by that character

Ashrah: We last see Ashrah fighting Mavado just before Shang Tsung throws his fireball into the crowd below.

Daegon: Daegon was of course defeated by Taven on the cliffs just before the Battle begins, but we don’t know if Taven beat him to death or just incapacitated him

Darrius: We last see Darrius being knocked over by Stryker as Quan Chi and Kenshi duel. I previously thought he was killed when the Pyramid rose beneath him.

Fujin: We last see Fujin looking at the Pyramid as it rises

Havik: We last see Havik when Sheeva beats Bo Rai Cho, he is fightingMileena. Possible kill for Mileena

Hsu Hao: We last see Hsu when Quan Chi and Kenshi duel, he is fighting Cage. Possible kill for Cage

Jade: We last see Jade up the Pyramid, far beneath Tsung as he throws his fireball

Kintaro: We last see Kintaro knocking Kitana into the air before the Pyramid rises

Kira: We last see Kira battling Kenshi while Sheeva kills Cyrax. Possible kill for Kenshi

Mavado: We last see Mavado battling Ashrah

Nitara: We last see Nitara fighting Smoke while Sheeva kills Bo Rai Cho. Possible kill for Smoke

Sareena: Just before Bo Rai Cho pukes, we can see Sareena battling Frost. Possible kill for Frost

Shinnok: Shinnok sent a clone of himself to battle, according to Armageddon, and thus he probably survives

Sindel: We last see Sindel running behind Shao Kahn just before Tsung throws his fireball

Sub Zero: Last seen being blasted off the Pyramid by Shang Tsung but must have survived long enough to slay Scorpion

Taven: Presumably survives, but if he did join the battle, he must have been killed, probably by Kahn, Raiden or Blaze

Hotaru 1: Li Mei
Shao Kahn 8: Reiko, Jax, Noob Saibot, Sektor, Smoke, Onaga, Blaze, Raiden
Sheeva 4: Bo Rai Cho, Cyrax, Ermac, Nightwolf
Kenshi 1: Sheeva
Quan Chi 1: Kenshi
Sub Zero 2: Frost, Scorpion
Shang Tsung 9: Quan Chi, Stryker, Kano, Kobra, Tanya, Dairou, Rain, Mileena, Shujinko
Liu Kang 1: Shang Tsung
Kung Lao 1: Baraka
Shinnok 1: Kung Lao

Cage 3: Hotaru appears to have his back broken, similar to Cage’s MKT Fatailty, Hsu Hao was last seen fighting Cage and Sonya appears to have suffered Cage’s Torso Rip
Kenshi 1: Last sight of Kira was fighting Kenshi
Smoke 1: Last sight of Nitara was fighting Smoke
Frost 1: Last sight of Sareena was fighting Frost


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RE: Battle of Armageddon: Body Count
08/14/2013 03:05 AM EDT
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RE: Battle of Armageddon: Body Count
07/07/2014 07:47 AM EDT
Terrific analysis dude! I read it all from start to finish. It was exactly what I've been looking for.

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RE: Battle of Armageddon: Body Count
07/08/2014 02:58 PM EDT
I love it. What does all this mean?
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RE: Battle of Armageddon: Body Count
07/09/2014 01:56 AM EDT
I just watched the intro to Armageddon but I didn't see Sektor at all! confused
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