Ideas for fatalities
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Ideas for fatalities
03/31/2014 03:30 PM EDT
Kitana:[Blue hawk] Kitana lifts the foe into the air. Except they go higher. They begin to scream, Kitana then preforms her fan throw which then stabs the victim's back, she then lifts the foe even higher with her one fan, she uses her fan to float her up, kisses the foe in the air. And then the remains fall to the ground.

Jax:[Blood solider] Jax shoots the victim with his rifle or machine gun more likely in there legs, causing them to fall to the ground. While on there shot and bleeding legs, Jax knees the victim's face. Breaking it. Jax then rips there arms off and claps the victim's head with them as the blood gushes on Jax.

Kintaro:[Tiger murder] Kintaro fires a fireball causing the victim to burn. He then uses his teleport jump and jumps on the victim crushing there ribcage. The victim is now screaming while burning, Kintaro grabs a rib from the broken ribcage bone sticking out of the victim's chest, Kintaro then stabs the victim's throat with it, The victim begins gasping for air, Kintaro then blows the victim up with another fireball and catches the burned skull.

Kung lao:[Hat Kombo] Kung lao takes off his hat and begins slashing the victim's chest about 4 times. The victim is now on their knees trying to stop the bleeding, Kung lao then cuts the victim's legs off while on his/her knees, the victim attempts to crawl away, bleeding and legless. Kung lao then throws his hat on the ground and it spins like his Razor edge fatality, Kung lao then grabs the victim by there back and slowly put their face to his hat, cutting their face off. Kung lao then finishes the victim off by cutting their neck and pushes the victim down while the victim is gasping and then the victim dies.

Nitara:[Bloody lunch] Nitara bites the victim's feet and spits some flesh out leaving the feet boneless, the victim begins to scream in horror. Nitara takes out her Kama and slashes the victim's back, it knocks the victim down, Nitara then jumps on the victim's back and begins chewing there neck. The victim attempts to shove Nitara off, but he/she is to weak to throw her off, it then goes to a shoulder view. [Behind Nitara] She then looks to the camara with the victim's neck in her mouth, she spits it out and then eats the victim while it says "Nitara wins."

Moloch:[Your face on the floor] Moloch takes out his ball and whacks the victim's skull. It shows an X-ray of the victim's skull breaking. Then Moloch keeps smacking the victim's face 2 times, Moloch then grabs the victim's leg. Rips it off. Beats them to the ground with it. Then smashes their head with his steel ball. Moloch then throws the victim's body off-screen and does his MK:A victory pose.

Shang tsung:[Tornado from hell] Shang tsung forms a tornado with his sorcery and throws it at the victim. The victim is now stuck in the tornado and flying around the sky. He slams the victim and the ground, the victim is free from the tornado but is on the ground trying to think what just went on, while they are on the ground. Shang tsung makes a bigger tornado and crashes it on the victim, it drills through the victim cutting them into two. The upper-half of the victim attempts to crawl away but dies

Sub-zero:[Ice cold] Sub-zero grabs the victim and lifts him/her above himself, the victim attempts to land an attack on him trying to get away, but Sub--zero stops them by freezing the lower part of their body. The victim is now screaming for mercy. Sub-zero then places the victim on the ground on their feet, Sub-zero then starts forming a ice beam with his hands, the victim braces for impact and closes their eyes, Sub-zero fires the ice beam and the beam blows up the Victim's torso.

Rain:[Shocking demise] Rain launches the victm into the air with a lighting strike. The victim hits the ground and is stunned from the thunder, Rain then lifts his arms up and says "Lighting kill you!" and summons 4 lighting strikes. Each of them blow the victim's limbs off, Rain then picks the victim up and headbutts the victim's head off and cut the limbless body with a thunder strike that makes it look like a victim of Kung lao's MK2 hat slice

Kitana - Split Ends (Attaches fans together into a single weapon suspends her foe in the air with her fan lift & then hurls the projectile up at them slicing them in half vertically from the groin up.
Kitana - Face Off (Eviscerates her foes abdomen with closed fans then jabs them into the sides of their face before opening them cutting off their face.)

Mileena - Deep Throat (Bites off her foe lips then shoves her sai down the gaping hole.)
Mileena - Head Start (Stabs her foe repeatedly in the face & head with her sai.)

Jade - Javelin (Hurls her staff like a javelin straight through her foe face which they then messily slide down upon collapsing.)
Jade - Good Throw (Hurls her razor-rang to cut off both her foes legs then both their arms making them bleed to death.)

Tanya - Jawbreaker (Stabs her tonfa into her foe groin then rips off their jaw.)
Tanya - Open Up (Stabs her tonfa into her foes abdomen then pulls apart to disembowel them.)

Skarlet - Blood Lust (Ensnares her victim with blood pillars and severs their most vital arteries before impaling them through the chest with her kodachi.)
Skarlet - Halfway There (Slices her victim across the waist with her kodachi, then slices their head vertically down to the incision point, severing their upper torso in two halves.)

Khameleon - Acupuncture (Riddles her victim's body with countless poison pins, then shoves them down to impale them.)
Khameleon - Acid Cloud (Spits an acid cloud at her victim which melts them from the inside out, starting with their eyeballs.)

Sonya Blade - Bottle Opener (Straddles her victim's shoulders, then rips off their head with her thighs.)
Sonya Blade - Shock Therapy (Stabs her victim's groin with a supercharged lightning rod until it explodes.)

Ashrah - Purify (Ensnares her victim on a sacrificial stone altar, then burns them to ash with holy light from the heavens.)
Ashrah - Inner Glow (Charges her kriss with celestial energy, then impales her victim in the stomach, causing their guts to melt before their entire midway section explodes.)

Li Mei - Supernova (Launch an energy burst which burrows into her victim's heart before exploding, ripping a hole in their chest.)
Li Mei - Best Foot Forward (Kicks her victim straight through the face with a powerful kick, then decapitates them.)

Nitara - Bat Swarm (Transforms into a swarm of bats, then eats off her victim's flesh.)
Nitara - Goodnight Kiss (Takes flight with her victim, mauls their throat, and then hurls them to their death from high above.)

Sareena - Smile (Stabs her victim in the mouth with her kamas, then pulls apart to give them a Glasgow smile.)
Sareena - Love Hurts (Rips off her victim's arm, slaps them silly with it, then stabs them in the heart with her kamas.)

Jataaka - Death Ray (Fires a concentrated energy beam from her laser sword at her victim, making their upper torso melt off.)
Jataaka - Makeover (Stabs her victim through the chin with her laser sword, which then melts their face off.)

Kia - Cutting Edge (Restrains her victim, then hurls her boomerang sword in a close-range spinning pattern to rapidly saw their head in half.)
Kia - Two for One (Hurls her boomerang sword at her victim's abdomen, cutting it deeply, which then severs them at the waist on its return flight.)

Tasia - Cross Slash (Quarters her victim with her twin katana.)
Tasia - Explosive Orb (Ensnares her victim in a paralysis orb, then detonates it to make them explode.)

Johnny Cage Fatality

This is a part of a fatality I made up for Johnny Cage. I'll explain. First Johnny Cage uses his green light shadow powers to choke the victim LIGHTS... ''Then He walks towards the camera and adjusts it ''CAMERA... He takes out a clapboard and places the victim's head between the clappers, followed by Johnny saying: " TAKE ONE... AND... ACTION". At the action point he claps decapitating the victim. The Bold Words are the name of the fatality:

Mileena takes out her Sais and continuously stabs the victim like her MK2 Fatality. The torso is actually already ripped off by the force. She stabs he Sai in their head and kicks them in the gut, allowing the legs to fall by letting go of the torso that still is attached to the Sai by their head. She whirls her other Sai and slices the victim's neck accordingly, the torso smoothly falls off. Laughing evil still holding her Sais with the opponent's head. If anyone has a name for this Fatality, leave your comment.

Fear the Reaper

sub zero uses his freeze powers to create a ice scythe and with some flair cuts of both of his arms then impales him on his scythe then whips him up in the air and air decapitates him then he poses like a boss

High Toss to Decapitation

as the enemy raises his hand to block the blow Baraka cuts it off then impales through the foot then does a twisty kick into the air that cuts him in half as the torso comes down he takes his other blade and catches the head which decapitates it spine and all with the torso falling to the ground then Baraka shows off the head and ends with a toothy savage grin

Smoke he turns into vapor & enters the opponents body. There body starts to shake and tremor then explodes leaving Smoke standing in there place in a ninja stance similar to one of Shang Tsung's fatalities in MK II.

Quan Chi he summons a skeleton that crawls out of the opponents mouth ripping there head and face apart then it does a funny little dance.

Stryker he tazers the victim in the groin until there brain explodes or there groin explodes and they bleed to death maybe?

Jade removes her mouth guard and kisses the foe on the cheek and a second later they start freaking out like something's wrong with them and then bam they a bunch of vines pop out of the opponents body ripping them apart kiss of plant growth,

Jade 2nd fatality she kicks there body down pole vaults them with the staff or bojutsu sticking it in there chest then she slides down the pole and smashes there head.

Shang Tsung summons a bed of spikes then slams the victim on top of them impaling the foe then he steals there soul while they are stuck turning them into a green withered corpse.

Kano focuses his eye laser on the enemy's chest as there back starts to glow & bubble before the flesh dissolves spilling charred organs on the ground/floor.

Kabal spins the opponent with his raging flash move then whips out one of his hookswords and just holds it against them flaying him/her alive one strip of skin at a time.

Jade flings her staff into the opponents eye then while it's still horizontal she hops on it balancing on the then jumps high and lands on the staff flipping it back into her hand with the foes head still attached.

Shinnok summons a skeleton hand that slams palm down on the opponent and grinds him or her to a paste against the ground.

Kobra kicks the opponent in the stomach then gets a running start and jumps on there back riding him or her like a surfboard.
The friction leaves a bloody streak all the way towards the defeated foe stops the front half of there body completely worn away.

Frost pulls back her mask and gives an open mouth kiss to the opponent or just kisses them on the cheek and they stagger back clutching there throat before icicles burst out messily from all over there body.

Kitana clamps the opponents jaw down on one of her closed fans then suddenly flicks it open causing the top half of the head to go flying.

Sindel wraps her hair around the targets neck and holds them into the air for a few seconds before slamming them into the ground until they explode.

Tremor raises a stone block from the ground and curb stomps the opponent on it.

Onaga jabs one of his claws through the losers forehead then cuts the body in half with a swipe from his wings.

Quan Chi summons four skeletons to hold the foes limbs then teleport somas on there torso until it snaps like a rubber band.

Sonya Blade starts out with the wire from her second fatality in mk9 and cuts off there head but the. She turns around does her kiss thing and the headless persons skin melts off turning them into a skull less skeleton.

Shang Tsung Moros into the fighters grandma in a bath robe and the loser rips there own head off.

Scorpion does the beginning of his win pose when he cuts into the nether realm then the fatality opening music plays.
The portal disappears but another one is behind the target. The victim is no longer stunned and they hear him yelling get over here as the spear impales them in the heel despite being unaware & at ease. The spear slowly gets pulled back as the victim stumbles and tries to crawl away while
Bleeding. Eventually their feet fall into the portal as they scream. Next the sound of sizzling is heard as the victim struggles to et back but gets speared in the upper shoulder with another shout of come here. They slowly fall into the portal screaming as they are burned by lava.
Eventually he or she loses there grip and they raise there arms in the air as they panic while drowning/sinking. Afterwards it cuts to the nether realm where Scorpion holds up there skull only to drop it where it then shatters.

Shujinko he crosses his swords then swings them in an x shape causing the opponent to fall apart in 4 pieces.

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RE: Ideas for fatalities
03/31/2014 03:42 PM EDT
As cool as these are, you're in the wrong forum! These belong in the MK Series General forum or, if these are specific fatalities you'd like to see in an upcoming MK game, the Future MK Games forum.

I don't have the power to move your thread there, but hopefully a mod will do that soon. That way, you'll have people specifically looking for cool stuff like this commenting and replying, instead of it getting buried in the General Discussion forums. smile

I host podcast over at Please don't tell my father.

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RE: Ideas for fatalities
03/31/2014 06:37 PM EDT
Hey, someone actually gave Tasia a chance for once!
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