MK9/MK 2011 on Xbox Series X|S
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MK9/MK 2011 on Xbox Series X|S
12/05/2020 04:52 AM EST

Has anyone personally tried to play the Xbox 360 version of MK9 on Xbox Series X or S?? The backwards compatibility list on Xbox .com seems outdated since the claim is that all 360 and XB1 games that don't use Kinect play on the XB Series consoles. Any personal experience with MK9??

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RE: MK9/MK 2011 on Xbox Series X|S
03/11/2021 12:01 AM EST

I sure Hope its in the xbox store cuz i gave my hard copy tomy Nephew it wont let me buy mk9 on the 360 store... Idk why. Im so sad.

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