Mysteriously lost data...
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Mysteriously lost data...
04/22/2015 01:52 PM EST
I'm only a casual gamer these days, and it's been over a month since I played "MK2011." For some reason, I appear to have lost saved game data, despite not doing anything with my 360's memory or otherwise.

All of the characters, when viewed in the Nekropolis, have 0 for all their stats, and there are no endings to be found for the ones I completed the Ladder with; costumes I had unlocked or purchased from the Krypt are gone; on Story Mode I'm in the middle of Jade's chapter (I honestly can't remember if I had started replaying Story Mode at some point or something, but I've definitely completed it once)...

Am I having a blonde moment here and missing something really simple? Have I somehow accidentally deleted data from the 360's memory or my memory card?