Stryker and Kabal
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Stryker and Kabal
03/24/2015 10:09 AM EST
How did you feel about the two of them knowing each other and being friends?

I did find it interesting, and it opened some doors, storywise. I'd like to know if Stryker knew Kabal used to be Black Dragon. Did he know and did he help Kabal cover it up so he could join the force?

I think it was a wasted opportunity to not show Stryker's reaction to Kabal being alive and burnt in MK9's story mode.

The only potential problem I see with this friendship, is that Stryker could easily end up being treated as the sidekick, that NRS doesn't see as having much purpose without Kabal around. I even wonder if that's why he was paired with Kabal in the first place.
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RE: Stryker and Kabal
03/24/2015 04:11 PM EST
Kabal shouldn't have ever been a pig. I liked the idea of him getting fucked over by Kano and Shao Kahns squads better.
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RE: Stryker and Kabal
03/26/2015 09:34 PM EST
I liked it quite a bit, I really wish they expanded upon it further after Kabal was fucked up. But I hope we see it in later games as well

EDIT: I also feel like it was a missed opportunity for them putting burnt Kabal in his 2nd costume. I would have really liked playing as non-scarred Kabal for once. Oh well
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RE: Stryker and Kabal
02/12/2019 12:10 PM EST
02/18/2019 03:13 PM EST

Stryker seemed more to be training Kabal than "best friends". If it wasn't for Kano's dialogue with him later, I would've assumed he was infiltrating the police for the Black Dragon clan. *Forgot his MK3 bio said former Black Dragon.

An Officer Kabal costume for Stryker would've been neat. Luckily in MK11 Kabal has an unscarred skin kustomization.


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