3D Era Kollection
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3D Era Kollection
04/22/2020 01:12 AM EDT

With MK Deadly Alliance, Deception, Armageddon and Shaolin Monks now pushing 2 full generations ago, I was wondering who else would love a return of these 4 games in a collection. They could do it as a place holder while they make MK12. I think now would be perfect timing with new console hardware on the way. Personal opinion but I think it would be great to revisit all these games again. Sort of how they did a classic collection on PS3/360 giving us MK1-3. I say why not give us a MK5-7 bundled on PS5 with Shaolin Monks being a bonus.

I like to play video games and eat chicken wings.

PSN ID: RuinSpawn

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