A Mortal Kombat game set around Great Kung Lao time
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Have it start with the Mortal Kombat tournament that Kung Lao wins and have it end with his death at the hands of Goro. Have it show Kung Lao and friends fight a great evil force before the Mortal Kombat KungLao dies at.

Of course many of the characters will be new. Also we can have characters from Mortal Kombat Conquest like Siro, Taja, and Omegis but make them way better. returning will be Shang Tsung, Rayden, Goro, and few others. Have a Sub Zero ancestor and few new Lin Kuei and have a new rival from Scorpion clan. That all I can come with right.

04/07/2015 05:04 AM (UTC)
I don't think NRS could use the original characters from Conquest, but I'd love to see them in a game like that. I really like MKC, sure it was cheap and cheesy, but that is pretty much how I want my MK live action adaptions :).
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Yeah an MKC-esque game with all new characters that have similar gameplay traits to the modern classics would be cool. Great Kung Lao (similarities to both Liu Kang/Kung Lao but still unique), a few people with similar styles to Johnny, Sonya, and Kano. A cryomancer ancestor of Sub-Zero who wore that mantle back then. A different ninja from the Shirai Ryu that also specializes in either a ropedart or a kusarigama (chain and sickle) as well as incendiary tools and other ninja tricks. Then bring in Outworlders that we know were alive and active in that time or make all new ones. Final Boss is Goro. Shang Tsung just sits in the background creepily knodding and smiling eagerly like an old pervert.

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They'd never do this. 95% of fans wouldn't want it. It's only a small, hardcore portion of the fanbase that would actually want this. I'd certainly be very interested in it. I've been saying this for years now; I want different stories (past or future MK tournaments), with lots of new characters. Because even though I love the klassics, you can't keep doing the same staple characters over and over again. At some point you gotta take a risk and step out of your comfort zone. I want them to explore the Realms and their histories in greater detail, and I want some of the more obscure characters from different media to get a chance (Vorpax, Grum, etc.), although redesigned and/or reinterpreted.

I have given new characters quite a lot of thought, actually. So Sub-Zero's ancestor for example. The Lin Kuei is based on a Chinese organization that really existed once. If you research the cult, you'll find that the founder/leader of the Lin Kuei was titled Shr Lin. Now that just sounds super Chinese and cool to me, and it would be a great name for a new character. He could be an Outworld Cryomancer who travels through a portal to Earthrealm and remains there. I would give him his own unique costume design, instead of doing the 'blue ninja' thing. Probably wouldn't give him any type of mask at all, and maybe even model his face after Jet Li's. I have written short biographies, and intro stories for some original characters.

That all I can come with right.

I'm way ahead of you.. here's a description of a new arena I came up with:

You're on an Island, located somewhere between reality and dreamworld. You just battled and defeated a monstrous adversary in a subterranean lair. A constricting tunnel, through which a person can barely manoeuvre, leads you to an elongated but narrow chamber carved into solid rock. The ceiling at jumping height creates a frighteningly claustrophobic atmosphere; thin roots of long-dead trees hang down from it. The entire canopy is also replete with short, sharp spikes pointing downwards. A sinister looking stone statue of a guardian warrior with a demonic visage stands watch at the entrance, holding an upright spear in front of him with both hands. He is surrounded by Taoist incantations painted in whites and yellow. Numerous red bundles of flickering Chinese candles stand on the ground, or in niches carved-out in the rocky sides, casting large dancing shadows all around. Beautifully ornamented censers from the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the background; some lacquered bronze, others white jade. Tongues of incense reaching up to the top of the room, as if small waterfalls flow upside down in slow motion.

Indeed, time seems to pass much slower in this dark place. Thick white fumes obscure the candles' already gloomy lights. A violet mist covers the floor, ever so lightly, barely reaching up to a person's ankles. Occasional water droplets falling; trickling down from the surface through cracks in the ceiling. Two rows of hooded priests, dressed in grey and purple robes, all in a cross-legged position, are seated on the ground along the walls. Some of them look up from time to time, revealing hideous faces; beady eyes further apart than normal human beings, grinning ominously. As you enter into the tomb, they are beating rattle drums, producing a rhythmic pattern, while throat chanting eerie sounding mantras. Right before the upcoming fight starts, however, they all suddenly stop, and the entire room becomes almost completely silent. There is no music in this stage, only the echoing noises of kombat and battle-cries, and the sounds of crackling fire and dripping water.

During a fight, the front row of priests (with their backs towards your view) won't be visible. The narrow marble pathway, that separates the two rows of shadowy mystics, leads up to a shrine at the end of the corridor, slightly elevated. Black, with gold decorations, covered with all sorts of strange amulets and trinkets. The ancestral shrine almost resembles the shape of a coffin standing upright, it's topped with human scalps instead of roof tiles. In front of the shrine stands a magnificent antique imperial throne, made from precious zitan wood. In it sits what appears to be a mummified man of significant importance. Dressed in an ancient Chinese ceremonial military armor, worn only by Emperors. Pale black cloth with crimson red detailing, golden armored parts that have long lost their shine. However, the dust-covered spiders' webs add a silky hue of silver to his imposing appearance. He wears a regal looking Hanfu hat. A jian; a double-edged straight sword, rests in his lap.

An ethereal green glow suddenly envelops his body. His cracking fingers tear themselves loose from the armrests of the chair that seemed to imprison him just moments ago. The reanimated corpse stands up and must be at least 6'3, or almost 2 meters tall, towering over most opponents. Now you must wager your very soul and face the wicked shapeshifter Shang Tsung! Defeat him.. or perish trying: round one, fight!

Stage Interactables:
- the long-spear held by the guardian statue in the left-side corner of the arena can be used (once) to strike the opponent with
- when cornered on the other side, the shrine can be used to jump off
- players can pick up a large censer and throw it at the opponent; it violently cracks apart on impact, covering the opponent in a poisonous cloud of incense that deals some damage over time
* There are only three interactables, because this arena is one of the shorter ones. That is because I would prefer this to be a somewhat confined and claustrophobic space.

Stage Fatality:
- in honor of Mortal Kombat 2's "Kombat Tomb", you can uppercut your opponent into the spikes overhead at the end of a match
* Holding down will cause their limbs to come loose and dangle a bit.

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