A Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter Idea
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02/06/2013 10:49 PM (UTC)
I have no idea if anyones posted anything about this before im sure someone else has had the same idea as me. Now i know mk vs sf is a common idea but i was thinking it would be cool to take some sprites and backgrounds from the digitized mk games and mix it with stuff from the street fighter the movie game since everything is digitized in that games as well. Unfortunately im not that great with creating stuff like that but i think if someone could do it, it would be pretty sweet.
04/05/2013 07:11 PM (UTC)
SF2TMTG sucked. It would never be a legitimate stdio game with that.
04/05/2013 07:26 PM (UTC)

I did that in like 10 minutes in MS Paint, got bored and submitted what i had.
This is how Jax got his hat.
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