At what point is NRS going to settle on their characters?
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At what point is NRS going to settle on their characters?
02/06/2020 06:26 PM EST
02/06/2020 06:27 PM EST

I am getting a little annoyed that with every new game, the faces of our characters change SO DRASTICALLY.

I understand that facial features improve as graphics improve, but come on... nobody would ever be recognizable if it were not for their special moves and overall costume color scheme. I hesitate to even mention the costume design because even those change so damn much.

Baraka doesn't change... except for maybe his teeth here and there. On top of that, I think some of the choices they made are terrible. Scorpion barely looks like he's Japanese. And look at Sheeva! She looks more like a butchy dyke now than a Shokan. Half Human Dragon? Not anymore. Just a four-armed human is more like it.

Am I the only one who is frustrated by these complete overhauls of the characters?

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RE: At what point is NRS going to settle on their characters?
02/23/2020 02:33 AM EST

No, you are definitely not the only one. The lack of consistency is incredibly disorienting and annoying for me personally as a fighting game fan. Literally no other fighting game development studio does this. This doesn’t even end with visual elements but it also extends to gameplay elements as well because NRS has this irrational compulsion with scrapping things each go around.

Changing a visual style is no excuse for a lack of visual consistency either. The Dead or Alive franchise for example changed drastically in terms of visuals between DOA4 and 5. The franchise went from the plasticky, anime sort of visuals to far more realistic style and yet...all of the characters were instantly recognizable because they kept all of their normal specific traits (eye color, hair color, hair style, body shape, etc.).

I guess playing devil’s advocate one could argue that constantly reshaping games each time keeps things fresh. I obviously don’t agree with that sentiment though. I’m pretty much over the lack of consistency. I want to know when I fire up the next MK game that the characters I like will still be characters I’ll want to play as. That’s been my biggest problem with MK11...none of the characters speak to me and I have some favorites on the roster. It sucks to feel that way.

Dedicated, hopeless...Li Mei fan.

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