Ed Boon on Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter crossover
02/22/2017 08:31 AM (UTC)
Boon and NRS are too arrogant to do this, SF creators might be as well. It is difficult because the styles are so different, but if they could meet somewhere in the middle: fatalities yes but probably less gory, incorporate x-rays into the combos SF fast style, in between cartoon and realistic, stages and fighting styles from both games, then they could make it work. It's not going to happen though.
02/22/2017 10:25 AM (UTC)
Realistically, the styles don't mesh well that you would either have to have a hybrid control scheme which pisses everyone off or two games with a more pure SF and a more pure MK style. That hasn't worked with the SF crossover with Tekken.

Same with visuals. As much as I want a slightly more cartoony MK, I dont want a realistic, uncanny valley Street Fighter.

Also Capcom are skint. Sony funded a good chunk of Street Fighter V. Hence no xbone SFV. So it would be NRS that would do the majority of the work and funding. Bare in mind also, NRS release one game for 2 years. Always has always will I think. Will WB allow MK11 and Injustice 3 to be delayed in a game where they would have to share profit?

We can dream though.
04/23/2017 07:48 PM (UTC)
If only so NRS can learn from Capcom. That's mainly why i would like to see a mash up between MK & SF.
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04/26/2017 02:45 AM (UTC)
I honestly don't ever wanna see it happen. Not even a little bit. Let MK, MK. Let Street Fighter, Street Fighter. Balance.
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