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I haven't bought a mortal combat game since vs dc. The hero characters where cool. Yet the gimic of weird characters has worn thin. Which I understand that may draw in a certain customer. Yet i buy mortal combat for... You know mortal combat. Sure classic dlc characters and new ones can be cool. Yet i want the focus to be mortal combat. It's been many years of the same base roster. Then weird dlc characters no body cares that much about... It's all about a gimic and it's warn thin. I mean only a base roster is already upsetting imagine not having goro. Your games instantly less than a base roster. These characters they add to the game. So building a game off of the minimum. Your game is already lacking. Remaking subzero and scorpion. Well, it's fucking old. I get they are your bread and butter characters but we're missing out on a whole feast.

So you know i just want to say, it's been a while since mortal combat did a full roster. A full roster is what will make me come back.

I've talked to friends about this too. They all agree that yeah, if you gave us a full mortal combat with all the classic characters. That pretty much everyone would buy that...

Or just keep remaking scorpion and subzero. See how far that gets you.

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