Game idea: The Trinity
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I think we should get a prequel featuring Kitana, Mileena, and Jade. I know Mileena's birth has been retconned into a more recent event, but for this game they should ignore it and make Mileena thousand years old again.

The gameplay should be similar to the Assassin's Creed games'. Some of the Trinity's fatalities could be turned into killing blows or sneak attacks, like Mileena vacuuming a foe from behind, or Kitana kissing one and using the explosion as a distraction.

It should explore Kitana's time as one of Shao Kahn's assassins, her friendship with Jade and her relationship with Mileena before it went sour (if they ever even got along, that is). We should finally get to know Jade better as a character.

There should be a main campaign, featuring all three working together, and some extra solo (and strictly offline) missions for each of them, and maybe some missions involving only Mileena and Jade, just to see these two interact without Kitana around.

Extra characters, be they unlockable or DLCs and with their own missions, should be Reptile, Skarlet, and maybe Rain and Tanya. Any of them could team up with the Trinity in a mission, and could even allow extra players who unlocked/downloaded them to join in said mission online.

Finally, since NRS probably couldn't help but feature Scorpion and Sub-Zero in some capacity, here's a few ways their appearance could be handled below:

1) Scorpion's randomly encountered and attacks the Trinity for no reason, or just Kitana in a solo mission where he mistakes her for Sub-Zero. They could make an optional boss fight out of it. From Scorpion's delirious POV, Kitana could literally appear in Sub-Zero's form.

2) He and Sub-Zero would be unlockable/downloadable characters, only instead of getting their own missions or teaming up with the Trinity, they'd just be alternate skins with their own special moves like in MK:SM, and they'd speak with the female assassin's voices during cutscenes, lol. Hell, I'd be okay with them being strictly alt skins, just to see Scorpion using Kitana's fans.
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