Magnectro - your thoughts?
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Magnectro - your thoughts?
02/26/2019 11:48 AM EST

The teal ninja from MK Mugen (MK Project 4.1.), with magnetic powers. I dunno about you, guys, but I must say I liked him. Should he be an actual combatant in some next official MK?

Look, now Baraka has grown hair and beard! Shit, the time does fly...
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RE: Magnectro - your thoughts?
02/27/2019 04:09 AM EST

Nope. Fan characters like this and Chrome are as bad as Sonic OCs.
And they're almost always "ninja pallette-swap with obscure-kinesis abilities"
So boring and uninspired.

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RE: Magnectro - your thoughts?
04/01/2019 10:42 AM EST

All I remember is he's got a painted over projectile and an oversized horseshoe magnet for an uppercut. He hardly stands out in MUGEN.

And if we bring him to the new era, he still doesn't stand out. All the old palette-swap ninjas have mostly moved away from the ninja look because half of them aren't real ninjas. So if a magnet guy wants to be here, he needs to drop the stereotypical ninja suit.

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RE: Magnectro - your thoughts?
04/02/2019 08:49 AM EST

Bear Sub-Zero is better.

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