MK white lotus game
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MK white lotus game
04/28/2015 01:35 AM EST
if a Shaolin Monks 2 was ever developed, how about focusing on the whole White Lotus? Raiden and Fujin would be a dope addition to the game! t could have laces like the Sky Temple as entire levels. Realistically though, do people think the next game is Injustice 2 and we gotta wait another 4 yrs for mk11, or what?
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RE: MK white lotus game
04/29/2015 10:40 PM EST
It is way more than likely the next game NRS will be working on is Injustice 2. Alternating titles gives them the chance to work out mechanical/technical kinks without isolating either fanbase too much if something doesn't go over well. So I wouldn't hold my breath for another MK games within the next three years if I were you.

But a White Lotus spinoff game does sounds fantastic; I would just prefer it comes after they wrap up the main storyline in some way, otherwise it could come off as disjointed and awkwardly placed within the franchise.

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