Mortal Kombat the Action/Adventure Game: What should it look like?
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Mortal Kombat has a rare distinction in the world of fighting games of having a very rich lore and world building. As a result, we've seen multiple "adventure" type combat modes in Mortal Kombat games as well as stand-alone games like Shaolin Monks and Sub-Zero's MK Mythologies (and one game that's better left unmentioned.) Ed Boon has hinted multple times about wanting another action/adventure game in the series and it got me thinking, "What would the best scenario be for an action/adventure MK game?"

Provided we keep what happened in MK9 as canon where would a MK action/adventure game fit in the current timeline? What sort of characters would it incorporate? I'm curious what the community would want to see.
01/24/2014 08:20 PM (UTC)
Like the latest Tomb Raider game.

Throughout almost every level of the game I kept saying to myself "fuck, if they only remade MKM:SZ to look like this."

Minus the guns of course... and just add in hand-to-hand combat.

The only down-side to TR was it was boring after you beat the game. Going back through the levels sucked because the enemies didn't spawn back. If they did, it was what? Like 3 of them?
01/24/2014 08:34 PM (UTC)
Well,I always wanted Scorpion/Sub-Zero adventure game. I know that people are fed up with them as icons,but besides these two I don't see any other two characters working in co-op that would make an exciting adventure game. You can argue Jax/Sonya or Kung Lao/Liu Kang are good choices too,but we already had that before.

My dream scenario for new adventure game is basically have separate stand off game about how Scorpion and Sub-Zero try to take down Quan Chi together,maybe during or after MK10 events,after Sub comes back from his zombie form and becomes HUMAN again.

Have some missions where you can play as Scorpion only,then have some missions where you can play as Sub-Zero only. And of course some tasks they need to do together.

Have these two roam all the realms (mainly the six from Deception Konquest,but more detailed and graphically better and bigger of course,with shits tons of Easter Eggs). I don't want Earthrealm to be some Chinese countryside,I want to go to some cities,want to visit a place where Johnny Cage shoots his movies,want to see Special Forces Military Base,etc. You get my point. The same with all other realms,especially Outworld and Netherrealm. Details,details,details!!!

And of course make Scorp and Sub interact with shits loads of MK characters. Even have some of them help you along the journey (for example,you are Sub-Zero and meet Kabal in the city. Suddenly Black Dragons ambush Kabal and you decide to help him out. Or you need to infiltrate Lin Kuei Temple to defeat its new Grandmaster Sektor,who has been hunting him down,so Sonya and Jax decide to tag along and help you out,therefore starting this old Sektor and Jax/Sonya rivalry from Armageddon as well. The same for some Scorpion and/or tag-team missions) as well as fight some of them. You get my point.

The end battle should be some crazy ass super hard fight against Quan Chi and his Brotherhood of Shadows. Throw in Noob Saibot there too,and you can have epic finale.

Oh,and did I mention that you could upgrade both of them like in Shaolin Monks?

If this doesn't work out,then I want an adventure game,where basically we are Kabal and became this vigilante that hunts down crime. Kinda like Arkham games,except now Kabal has super speed and can travel to other places outside of the city he patrols (mostly to get rid of the criminals that escape his wrath). And make Stryker his Alfred/Oracle as well as Commissioner Gordon a.k.a main ally of the game. Make Sonya and Jax pop out sometimes because they are collaborating with Kabal on how to take down biggest crime gang Black Dragon.

You can even include Red Dragon at some point,where Kabal,while hunting down another Black Dragon,runs into Daegon/Mavado and watches as he finishes off the BD. He engages in fight with him,but loses BADLY (kinda Bane and Batman situation) which motivates Kabal to learn more about this new threat and eliminate them. The end boss fight might be super upgraded and better Kabal against Daegon and his clan. Maybe Kabal even goes to Charred Mountain,the HQ of Reds.

I don't know guys,I have TONS of ideas for adventure games,but writing them all here would be a big wall of text lol.
01/25/2014 02:39 AM (UTC)
I think Shaolin Monks already got it perfect.

MK games should be co-op because co-op is fucking awesome and needs to be more prevalent like it was back in the Double Dragon days.

And the gameplay should be more or less Devil May Cry-esque with the fast-paced combos and air juggling.
01/25/2014 05:30 PM (UTC)
I would rather see Mortal Kombat in the form of an RPG.

It would be nice to see an RPG surrounding a particular story arc in Mortal Kombat, and before the main characters of the game become a team, you play as each one, or in pairs.

I got this idea from the many stories regarding Kitana and Mileena growing up together. I think it would be pretty sweet if we could play as them in their early missions, and see first-hand what truly led to their arrival in Earthrealm.

I would also love to see a similar scenario with Bo' Rai Cho, detailing his earlier battles against Tarkatan hordes and what led him to Earthrealm to train humans for Mortal Kombat.
01/26/2014 05:38 PM (UTC)
Many ideas below. Long post ahead.

Certain characters could work for a stealth-based game, like Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Baraka and Reptile, and pretty much all of the freaks. The gameplay could be based either on Predator: Concrete Jungle's, or the MGS series'. I'd personally prefer P:CJ's gameplay, if only for the gruesome executions.

A 8-bit Scorpion game based on his MKA ending parodying Donkey Kong, with Quan Chi playing DK's part, and Scorpion's son playing Pauline's.

The FPS genre could work for almost every characters. Just imagine playing as a freak or a cyborg in first-person. One MK character that I have in mind for the FPS genre is Kenshi. Yes, Kenshi. It could be a game where you're pretty much reliant on the controller's vibrations, which would act as Kenshi's senses. You wouldn't be completely blind though, as whenever Kenshi attacks an enemy, you'd see said enemy getting injured or killed, and the screen would briefly turn red whenever you'd get hit. Alternately, Kenshi's vision could resemble the echo one from Metroid Prime: Echoes.

A MK:SM-like game based on MK3, with Resident Evil 6's gameplay. So many of the characters would be interesting to play as under such gameplay, like of course the freaks. Hell, I personally wouldn't mind if Capcom actually handled such a project.

A Johnny Cage game where the levels are based on some of his movies. Johnny would play the villain in some of them, meaning you'd play as someone else. The gameplay could differ in many of the movies. An extra level that sadly would be exclusive to the X-Box One version if included would feature Killer Instinct's Spinal, in a movie they did together.

Finally, for now, a Goro game based on his reign as the MK champion. The first tournament would feature the original Kung Lao as the boss. Some of Goro's opponents would be playable, and there'd be some unexpected cameos, like Jataaka before she ended up in the Netherealm. The thing is, if you lose any tournament after the first one, you can still participate in the next one, but you'll have to fight multiple opponents, not just the contender for the title (which could be any opponent). If you lose the first one, it's Game Over, and you have to try again. It wouldn't make sense for Shao Kahn to send Goro again if the latter lost the first time, would it? The final tournament would be a what-if one based on the first game's, and any of the original characters could be the final boss, though it'd be Liu Kang most of the time. As for the gameplay, it could just be a fighting game, or it could be played both in first and third-person.
01/30/2014 06:28 PM (UTC)
Shaolin Monks did it perfectly. I did enjoy Mythologies, but the difficulty the game had was a bit ridiculous.

If they were to make another adventure game, they should keep the Shaolin Monk style and work from there. If the adventure game was to continue telling the story after the events of 2011, I can see the Earthrealm Heroes playing as the main characters, such as Cage and Sonya. That would be kind of a weird partnership but meh.

I like the hidden fights, I like how you gain abilities, I like how if you died by a boss you get to see them perform a fatality on you. They literally did everything right with the game, even if sometimes the graphics looked a bit cheesy.

If they were to go back like Mythologies, then they have to work things out with the difficulty. I get that some games don't like it when you pick the "easy" difficulty, which is understandable. But their kind of hard was a bit too hard and some of the puzzles were just... annoying. But the 2d perspective was interesting and the concept behind the story was great. Sub-Zero is a beast and having him star in his own game was terrific. However, I don't see them going back this way with an adventure game, especially since they can do so much with what they have. If anything it would most likely be a Shaolin Monk-like game.

I wouldn't mind either way though.
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