Mortal Kombat Universe RTS game possible?
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Mortal Kombat Universe RTS game possible?
02/09/2015 06:34 PM EST
This question came to me when MKX introduced the Factions
Units are based on MKA Konquest and MKSM

Lin Kuei
-Grunt with Ice Mace
-Grunt Archer
(Units and some heroes can be Converted to Cyborgs through a Upgrade)

Special Forces
-AR Soldiers
-CQC Soldiers
(Units slow due to gear and weapons)

Black Dragon
-Jarek or Tasia
-AR Soldiers
-CQC Soldiers
(Units have more fire power, but are SUPER slow with limited range)

White Lotus
-Liu Kang
-Kung Lao
-Johnny Cage
-Shaolin Monks
-Edenian Soldiers
(added edenia because im out of ideas for them.)

Brotherhood of Shadow
-Noob Saibot
-Quan Chi
-BrotherHood Member
-Brotherhood Member with Weapon
-Brotherhood Demons (MKSM)
(Gets stronger during night time)

Other Stuff
-Cycles of Day and Night
Neutral Heroes
-Scorpion (Will join side if defeated except Lin Kuei)
-Sub Zero (Will join side as Sub Zero if defeated, will become NoobSaibot if defeated by Brotherhood of Shadow.
Neutral Bases
-Shokan establishment (Will turn hostile to anyone near by)
-Tarkatans Camp (Will attack everything and will raid bases randomly)
Sudden Death(if games takes more than X:XX amount of time)
Will Appear with Armies of Shokan and Tarkatans to attack players
To win sudden Death
-Defeat/Land last hit on ShaoKahn
-Outlast Opponents
-Defeat Opponents

So what do you guys think?
What would make it better?
What other units should be added? (make sure they appeared in the game before)
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RE: Mortal Kombat Universe RTS game possible?
02/13/2015 03:32 PM EST
Not a bad idea, though I'd like something more like a action-rpg. Never enjoyed RTSs much.

Excluding Tom Clancy (rip) 's "Endwar".
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