Mortal kombat vs tao feng.
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Who got idea of new tao feng games counterpart mortal kombat like Dc & marvel idea ?.

New Master sage vs raiden .

New Wulong Goth vs Shinnok.

Jade Dragon vs Jade.

Vapor vs Jakarta.

Divine fist vs Kung Lao.

Divinity vs Cetrion or asurah .

Fierce Tiger vs tanya.

The Fatalist vs kano.

Iron Monk vs Cyrax.

Geist vs d vorah .

Firey Phoenix vs liu kang.

Goro vs Exile.

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Classic characters

Master sage - raiden .

Wulong Goth - Shinnok.

Jade Dragon - Jade.

Vapor - Jakarta.

Divine fist - Kung Lao.

Divinity - Cetrion.

Fierce Tiger - tanya.

The Fatalist - kano.

Iron Monk - Cyrax.

Geist - d vorah .

Firey Phoenix - liu kang.

Goro - Exile.

Zhao yuen - Argus

Here idea of new character

Black Mantis .

Deadly Nighshade - Sindel.

Wraith - Havik.

Monkey’s Paw - ermac.

Sidewinder - Erron black.

Palo lotus.

Magus - Shujinko.

Silent Shadow - Smoke .

Weary Traveler - Bo rai cho.

Charon - Kharon.


Red Dahlia - Sonya blade.

Razor’s Edge - Jax briggs.

Landstalker - Nightwolf.

Live Wire - Kurtis Stryker.

Sever - cassie cage.

Los Dos - Siang .

Copperhead - kenshi.

Any more idea of new character & Factions allies and member to palo lotus and black mantis idea ?.

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