New iteration of MK coming by March 2021?
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if you listen to this interview with the producer of the new MK movie, he says a just after the 1:00 minute mark that by the time the new MK movie is out (March 2021) there’s gonna be another iteration of the game out. Take with a grain of salt for sure, maybe he’s just speculating. But you’d think that WB would wanna capitalize on the release of the new movie with a new game! If it’s true then there’s no way it’ll be MK12 so maybe itll finally be a Shaolin Monks sequel?!?

07/13/2019 08:09 AM (UTC)

It's probably going to be the whole Komplete Edition/XL sort of situation, just a release of MK11 with all the DLC included.

07/14/2019 08:20 AM (UTC)

Komplete Edition wouldn't be 2021.. that'd be 2020 at the latest.

07/14/2019 09:58 AM (UTC)

They promised a long support for this game so I don't think there's gonna be another major MK game so soon. But I could see more Kombat Packs than usual and release of Komplete Edition a bit later (around that time).

07/14/2019 12:34 PM (UTC)

It will be the next gen version of this game...

Or maybe a new MKSM.

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07/15/2019 10:19 PM (UTC)

I think that if we were getting a new MK game it'd be a spin-off for sure...definitely NOT a new entry into the main series. We won't see that until 2022 the earliest.

07/16/2019 06:29 PM (UTC)

Yes, of course it would never be MK12. I’m sure that MK11 will get DLC into 2020, if not longer. So I think it’s the perfect time now to finally do that Shaolin Monks sequel or equivalent adventure game and release it just before the movie

07/21/2019 08:45 AM (UTC)

Here my idea of mortal kombat movie cast .

Austin st john or Ian Anthony dale as Scorpion.

Harry Shum Jr as sub zero kuai liang.

Steven yuen as liu kang.

Will yun Lee as kung Lao.

Angelina Jolie as sindel.

Megan fox as kitana.

Kane kosugi as ermac.

Ray park as reptile.

Ryan Reynolds as Johnny cage.

Zoe Saldana as Jade.

Mila Kunis as mileena.

David midhunter as nightwolf.

Michael b Jordan as cyrax.

Scott Adkins as Sektor.

Byung hun Lee as bi han sub zero and noob saibot.

Gary ray Stearns as smoke.

Alison macinnis or alyson kiperman as sonya blade.

Michael jai white as Jax.

Stephen graham as Kano.

Chris pine as Kurtis Stryker.

Adam driver as Kabal with James Earl Jones voice kabal.

Liam nesson as Raiden.

Grace Jones as sheeva.

Karen gillan as skarlet.

Frank grillo as Kenshi.

Jung Jihoon as Rain.

Dwyane the rock Johnson as motaro and tim curry voice motaro.

Johnson phan as young shang tsung.

Jared Robinsen as baraka.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as old shang tsung.

Ramon Llao as quan chi.

Karen gillan as skarlet.

Tommy tiny Lester voice goro.

Kevin Michael Richardson voice kintaro.

Triple h as Shao kahn.

Alun Armstrong as shinnok.

08/07/2019 04:22 AM (UTC)

My only hope is that Sony Santa Monica could be doing a Shaolin Monks 2, as the animation director has been doing a lot of Shaolin Monks tweets and he did work on the original

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