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Would anyone be interested in an Outer World Investigation Agency (OWIA) adventure game? It would be a beat em’ up game similar to Shaolin Monks but with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Playable characters would include Sonya Blade (well-rounded fighting style), Jax (bruiser-type), Cyrax (cybernetic Ninjutsu) and new agent Kenshi (expert swordsman).

The game would involve the OWIA in its early days, exploring new realms and fighting potential threats, from the Black Dragon to Baraka’s Tarkatan hordes.

You could perform special (and enhanced special moves) and in-game fatalities on enemies such as Jax’s head crush and arm rip.

MK Cameos
Raiden, Stryker (a fair-weather ally to the OWIA), Kabal (before he turned evil again, Jax could try to recruit him; maybe a secret character)

Potential Bosses
Baraka, Jarek (in Kano’s place), Sektor, Mavado etc.


Nomadic mutants who roam Outworld’s Wastelands in Shao Kahn’s absence

Ruthless thugs who rely on heavy firepower and crude weapons

The last remnants of Cyrax’s clan who were converted into cyborg assassins

A newly created terrorist group created by Sektor

The progenitor clan of the Black Dragons, led by Mavado

A reptilian race once thought to be extinct

Possible Locations

Special Forces Headquarters (Earthrealm)
Serves as a game world hub, similar to Shaolin Monk’s “Portal level”

Wastelands (Outworld)
A horrid landscape overrun with monsters, such as the Tarkatans

Tekunin Warship (Earthrealm)
Sektor’s cybernetic facility and airborne headquarters

Black Dragon HQ (Earthrealm)
The underground fortress of the Black Dragon terrorist group

Sauron Lands (Zaterra)
A long lost realm once populated by Reptile’s race
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04/01/2014 10:15 PM (UTC)
You mean OIA....
04/02/2014 06:23 PM (UTC)
MK_Fanatic_ this would be awesome!

the story could start off showing an attack on earth from a horde of demons and creatures sent by Shao Kahn which brings earth to recruit a team of Special Forces to kombat the threat of evil- much like Marvels Avengers assemble

we could play as various fighters from the Special Forces and go around on various missions

the OIA would be a massive place filled with futuristic weaponry and technology at the fighters disposal, there could be various game play modes, from first person perspective shooting missions, hand to hand kombat against Kano and the black dragons, flying a missile firing jet in a flying sky chase mission, a mission where you have to uncover the identity of the OIA mole

it bugs me how badly Midway treated the SF spin off game with Jax, it was very poorly made and has left a bad impression since, it doesn't take much imagination to appreciate the potential it has if they were to make another SF game with effort and detail to attention and gameplay.
04/04/2014 03:35 AM (UTC)
I think after MK10, a spin-off game like this would be the way to go. This gives the team at Netherrealm a chance to re-charge their batteries between major installments in the main series and get creative in a different game genre.
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