Ports and Remasters of the older games.
posted04/13/2019 03:42 PM (UTC)by
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04/13/2019 03:35 PM (UTC)

I think ports and remasters of some of the older games like Deception and Armageddon would be awesome. I'd love to see more MK games get ported and remaster for Switch and the other consoles. What MK games do you want to see remastered and or ported?

05/26/2019 03:30 AM (UTC)

Shoalin monks please! And mythologies although that's much less likely. As far as the main series goes, I love a current Gen complication of games. Maybe even do like MegaMan and release volume 1 covering 1-4 and volume 2 covering MKDA-MKA?

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