Primal Rage!!
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Primal Rage!!
04/26/2021 12:40 PM EDT
04/26/2021 12:58 PM EDT

NetherRealm Studios should buy the Wright's to Primal Rage if the Current Owners Dont plan to make another Game. I had so much fun with this game when my 2 Older Brothers and I went to Blockbuster and rented it for the SNES when we went to visit my Grand Parent's for the weekend, I was the youngest of 3 boy's. I had a brother about a year and a half older then me and a brother about 10 years older then me. He was the one that would turn us 2 younger bros onto Games Like Primal Rage and MK He was the Ultimate Older Bro to us 2 younger boys Nobody would even look our direction with a bad look cuz he'd mop the floor with them lol...Those were the days... Ya know Getting Monkey Bite's, Tittie Twister's, Stop Hittin Yourselve's and Hurts Doughnut's in the Back of a 1990 Blue Buick Lasabre Coming into a Blockbuster Parking Lot you've never been to and leaving with Primal Rage after a Half Hour Argument of What SNES game to get lol.

I Have a NES Console Emulator You know The ones with Like 1000 games installed on it and they give you 2 shotty controllers without L or R button's on them and all the game's on the console require these bottons. It does'nt Have any MK and im actually proud to say this. It has some Good Games like Primal Rage and Blizzards Classics DK Country 1 and 2 but I'm not even sure if you can save a game cuz I havnt made it through a game far enough cuz the controller's issue's.

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