Sign if youd like to have a complilation containing all MK games from MK1 until MK Gold
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Ok, the MK team is now working on the next MK game but for several reasons they should make a compilation containing all MK games from MK1 until MK Gold.

That's the reasons:

This year is the 15 th birthday of the Mortal Kombat universe but as the MK team is now working on the next MK they could release this compilation after MK8's arrival.

We only can play MK1 as a bonus of the NTSC version of MKD.
MK2 is on PS3 but the MAT2 version of this game has a huge bug making Smoke impossible to fight.
UMK3 is only avaible as a bonus part of MKA premium edition unavaible on european consoles. Or we have to buy a sega saturn console.

It's still possible to find MKT but this game contains an horrible bug when it's played on PS2 or PS3. And the N64 version is a garbage.

And MK Gold came out only on dreamcast.

So, I sign

And you guys?

06/20/2007 01:58 AM (UTC)
I only think the 2-D games should be on 1 disc, kinda like that compliation of the Sonic the Hedgehog games on Gamecube. I think it would be succesful, provided they Don't put the MAT2 version of MK2 on it. That version was pure garbage. N64 version of MKT wasn't all that bad, at least it didn't have loading times.
06/20/2007 02:59 PM (UTC)
Yeah, but MK4 and MK Gold are really a pain in the ass to be found.
They probably could put the original CD of MK2 that came out 11 years ago.
About MKT, they should put the PS version as the current generation of consoles have more capacities.

06/20/2007 06:33 PM (UTC)
I think They should have MK1 MK2 MKTand MKSpecail Forces all on one disc with the bugs fixed. And on Disc 2 have MKG/4 MKDA and MKM:SZ.
Most people that would buy this already have Deception And Armeggadon. this Will give peopl every game except MKSM which you can go buy on your own time.
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